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Mission of the Center

Providing a distinct regional model for practical training in the fields of foreign trade and laboratory tests of various types of commodities and their usage and applying concepts of quality on training process, while ensuring continuity of development as a quality requirement

Mission of the Center

The Training Center consists of:

First: Headquarters Training Center at Cairo Airport

- Three training halls, with a 20-trainee capacity of each, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and training aids to provide training on administrative and technical programs.

- Two laboratories, with a 12-trainee capacity of each, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide training on computer programs.

- A laboratory for language training with a 13-trainee capacity.

- Conference hall, with a 100-person capacity, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in addition to a video conference system to broadcast events of conferences anywhere at the same time.

- Modern scientific library, with the latest scientific books and references, connected to the network of the Goeic library located in the Training Center of Goeic in Dekheila (Alexandria) to exchange technical and scientific information as quickly as possible.

Second: Training Center, Alexandria Branch (Dekheila)

- A language laboratory with a 10-trainee capacity

- A computer laboratory with a 20-trainee capacity

- A training hall with a 30-trainee capacity

Third: Training Center, Damietta Branch

- A training hall, with a 14-trainee capacity

- A training hall with a 6- trainee capacity

- A training hall with an 8- trainee capacity

Fourth: Training Center, Port Said Branch

- Two training halls, with a 30-trainee capacity of each

Fifth: Training Center, Aswan Branch

- Two training halls, with a 15-trainee capacity of both


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