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Overview about quality testing laboratories for industrial commodities


GOEIC has a large number of quality testing laboratories for industrial commodities to maintain control over quality and safety of industrial and engineering commodities according to Egyptian or international standard specifications.

 Industrial laboratories testing of lots of imported industrial commodities according to Ministerial Resolution No. 770 of 2005, and testing of industrial commodities lots that the external customer requests to be tested according to the national and international standard specifications in fields of electrical commodities, spare parts of vehicles and equipment, chemicals, building materials, refractories and miscellaneous industrial commodities, in order to protect consumers and customers from commercial fraud or importing of commodities with quality that does not meet the terms of contractual imports and national and international standard specifications.

These laboratories are located in various ports:

List of industrial commodities laboratories at different branches of GOEIC and its area of accreditation

Tasks and Functions

With all laboratories commitment to ensure quality, all industrial laboratories provide a high-quality service to meet the needs of importers and protect them against commercial fraud or importing commodities not in conformity with contractual requirements or regional and global specifications. The working system in laboratories meets the global standards specification  17025:2017 for efficiency of test and calibration laboratories.

As a result of GOEIC compliance with quality, the Central Department Quality tests for Industrial Commodities Laboratories has paid the highest degree of attention to the accreditation of industrial laboratories in accordance with the global standard specification  17025:2017. The international accreditation has been already granted to 13 laboratories in Cairo Airport branch, 3 laboratories in Alexandria branch, 2 laboratory in Port Said branch, 3 laboratories in Damietta branch and 3 laboratories in Adabiya port in Suez and there are 10 industrial laboratories currently under development and preparation to get the international accreditation across all branches, all other industrial laboratories will be accredited subsequently.



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