Calibration Laboratories

The calibration laboratory is located at GOEIC branch in Dekheila

The laboratory verifies the accuracy of the devices and equipment used in inspection and testing and determines the conformity of measurements of devices and equipment which are used with local and international specifications.

Some of measurements being assessed include:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Mass
  • Volume

The calibration laboratory provides the following services:

  • Conducting calibrations on sensitive laboratory scales devices at client site in a range up to 320 g using equipment of precise calibration that is referenced in SI unit.
  • Semi-annual verification services for scaling devices to avoid scale imbalance during the calibration period.
  • Specialized courses in the field of calibrating measurement instruments and devices.

Devices used at laboratory:

  • Volt/mA Calibrator715, Easy View
  • Light Meter.
  • Ceramic Calibration, Temperature Controller.
  • Air Velocity Meter, Gilian Gilibrator, RPM.
  • Weight set, Hydrometers, Hygrothermograph, Multimeter.
  • Thermometer (Minitemp, Laser).

  The calibration laboratory in Dekheila is certified by the Egyptian Accreditation Council

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