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Botrans ltd

Botrans ltd is an international company specialized in marine studies, goods inspection and supervision, where the company works through a wide network of specialized laboratories around the world. The company started its work since 1993 in Novorsisk city, and then expanded significantly in recent years.

The company employs about 110 employees in all specialties, as they have great expertise in the field of inspection and supervision of goods. The company also has a membership in many global institutions in the field of goods inspection which may be a condition for several international inspection companies and agencies.

Company’s work scope is under slicing to inspect the ships of grains shipment:

  • Hold's inspection
  • Draft survey
  • Supervision of Cargo operations
  • Sampling of cargo in accordance with GAFTA rules
  • Hold's sealing
  • Issuance of Certificates.

Our labs are certified by GAFTA and equipped by latest techniques::

  • FOSS 1241
  • FOSS Sofia
  • Velp UDK-139
  • Glutomatik 2200
  • PERTEN 1300
  • PERTEN 3100
  • PERTEN 3010


Contact Us:

Tel: 0223103011
Fax: 0223103177
Adress: Elmaadi way - Badr tours 7 - floor 5.
Managers :

Mr/Ehab Abdelsamea
Mr:Khaled Hamed
Cellphone: 01283328887
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