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Commerce Services Center

The aim of establishing Trade Service Center

Providing distinguished and sophisticated services to importers and exporters in business sector in order to facilitate and expand trade movement.

Departments of the Trade Service Center:

Customer Service and Communication Center Department:

This Department receives inquiries and complaints and responds to them immediately, by trained and qualified personnel and through constantly updated databases, or within 24 hours in case queries or complaints were escalated to other competent departments.
إدارة خدمة العملاء ومركز الإتصالات

Citizens Service Department:

This Department welcomes visitors, answers their questions and inquiries and provides solutions for their problems immediately, either through the database in the center or the competent departments to address the causes of their complaints.

It is located at GOEIC headquarters at Cairo Airport Cargo Village.

إدارة خدمة المواطنين

GOEIC Website Administration:

The role of this Administration includes offering all services provided by GOEIC, all laws, regulations, procedures and forms, as well as information on all areas of trade, in terms of commodity specifications, examination fees and ministerial decisions, providing several interactive services through the Website such as "Questions and Answers Service", "electronic services for commercial registration procedures", "follow-up of incoming messages", "showing results of the appeals committees ", "GOEIC's virtual inspection lists and external declarations such as tenders, available vacancies and training courses" and "numerous electronic services for Inquiries and insertions".
GOEIC Website Administration

Business Sector Department:

Provides government agencies of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, decision makers from higher authorities, business community (exporters, importers and export councils) and researchers and research centers with reports and statistics that facilitate trade movement in all sectors of foreign trade and help them in taking decisions. Additionally, the Department provides the port Authority with transactions data of exporters and importer as a main document for issuance of customs zone entry permit and provides courts with the volume of transactions of exporters or importers in cases where such request is required as a document for a judicial judgment.
Business Sector Department

Business Sector Department provides a set of reports and statistics that serve the business community with all its segments, namely:

Reports of countries names, commodities, exporters names, shipping ports, quantities; values and type of unit and currency for all countries worldwide; for a particular country; for a group of commodities or for a particular commodity, customs certificates numbers and customs system.

It also deals with a wide range of parties, namely:

Export Councils:
Furniture, ready-made garment, food industries, spinning, textiles, construction materials, metal goods, refractories, furnishings, medicines, engineering serums, electronics, industries, leathers, footwear, leather products, chemicals and fertilizers.

In addition to the following:
Chemicals Industry Chamber, Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, Technology Center for Marble and Granite, Commercial Representation in all countries, offices of Industrial Modernization Centre, Egyptian Export Development Center, Federation of Egyptian Industries, Head of Exporters Division, other various ministries and researchers affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, research centers, etc.

Reports/ Data Fees:

- A sum of 10,000 L.E annually (ten thousand pounds L.E) as annual subscription fees for councils/ companies to obtain any reports or statements (maximum 60 reports) during a calendar year.

- A sum of 1500 L.E annually (one thousand and five hundred pounds L.E) as annual subscription fees for competent government agencies to obtain reports or statements (maximum 60 reports) during a calendar year.

- A sum of 150 pounds L.E (one hundred and fifty L.E) for obtaining any report/ statement (separate) about a particular company.

- A sum of 200 pounds L.E (two hundred pounds L.E) for obtaining a report/general statement for non-participants.

- As a part of encouraging scientific research, researchers and research centers, they are provided with reports and data at special prices.

According to governing laws and regulations, data and reports issued to any client (subscriber/ non-subscribers) are exclusive to GOEIC and may be issued to any other entity or company only by reference to GOEIC in order to preserve the intellectual property rights of such reports and data.

To contact Business Sector Department:


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