Food Imports

Food Imports

The Department is responsible for tracking all food lots and some of industrial lots, such as cosmetics and perfumes, issued at all branches throughout Egyptian ports whether in sea, air or land as well as making final decisions regarding the rejected lots by the Appeals Committee and its technical secretariat and responding on complaints and questions of importers.

Assignments of Food Import Central Department:

Reviewing importers applications for non-conforming lots of food commodities with the Appeals Committee or its technical secretariat deciding on them.

Issuing importing approvals for some strategic commodities.

Reviewing pre-inspection certificates of some commodities which are imported under special conditions in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 991 of 2015&nbsp

Reviewing complaints and requests of customers regarding the implementation of Ministerial Resolution No. 43 of 2016

Reviewing customers applications to be enrolled in the white list according to Article No. 94 of Regulation No. 770 of 2005

Representing GOEIC in special committees that are concerned with specifications of food imports and held in the Standards and Quality Authority.

Representing GOEIC in international and local conferences.

 Coordinating between GOEIC branches and various external bodies.

Working on transferring experiences between various branches through a training program designed for that purpose.

Developing skills of workers in food imports through different trainings inside and outside GOEIC.

Participating in the  withdrawal committees and following up processes across various branches.

 Establishing travelling committees to inspect meat at the country of origin.

Preparing different reports related to lots of food imports.

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