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TÜV NORD group is a global leading company in the field of inspection, examination, and certifications in accordance with international specifications of products, food and non-food commodities and different systems. TÜV NORD group was established in 1869 in Germany. The leadership and stature of the group in global market resulted from the high technical proficiency and the variety of services it provides to different sectors such as contracting, oil, gas, cars, industrial services, natural resources, importing and exporting food and non-food commodities (industrial commodities and others), and nuclear power plants, etc.

TÜV NORD group has more than 14,000 employees, including more than 10,000 with technical and scientific background. The group has branches and offices in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. TÜV NORD group provides a variety of services (industrial inspection, inspection services as a third party, virtual inspection, examination during shipping and unloading, collecting samples, draught measuring for all products and good types whether these are food or non-food products, quality control, and ISO certificates in management, health, environment, occupational safety, food safety and training services). While the activities fields of TÜV NORD group is diverse, the company’s philosophy is still based on the original values of independence and integration.

These strongly deep-rooted standards that are derived from the group’s principles are applied everyday inside and outside, and our unique philosophy means combining technical expertise, personal safety and culture on the basis of value; resulting in the precious trust of our customers in TÜV NORD group and in its ability to support and guide them safely towards the future.

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Contact Us:

Tel: +20233051948
Fax: +20233026125
Adress: 34 Elryad st. Shehab st, - Mohandsen - Giza - Egypt
Managers :

Eng:Ahmed Maray
Cellphone: 01222176518+
Tel: 20233051948+
Fax: 20233026125+

Eng. Walid Wagih

Director of Agricultural Inspection Department
Cellphone: 201288898015+
Tel: 20233051948/2034847181+
Fax: 20233026125+

Eng. Sabri Abdel Majeed

Business Development Manager/Managing Director of Government agreements-Cargo inspection Section
Cellphone : +201288870099
Tel: +20233051948
Fax: +20233026125
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