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The headquarters of the company located in the city of Munich, German; where the company established in 1866 as a global leader in providing the technical services. The company has more than 18,600 employees in more than 800 locations around the world. Our community of employees has expertise and interest in modern technology and techniques, and they also believe that the technology should improve the lives of people.
the clients come to our company with many questions in their minds every day around the world:
  • Can we make our processes and services better, faster, more efficient and sustainable?
  • How can we achieve the balance between quality, profitability and sustainability?

They ask so many questions. So, our company has a philosophy of what’s beyond problem-solving, as the company devotes all its capabilities to add significant economic value to its customers. This is the reason of choosing trust and adding the value”, and this is the main philosophy that our company is based on. As a partner to our customers, we make early consultations and continuous guidance to achieve fundamental, real, and realistic progress. We are working together with our customers to improve their processes, enable them to gain access to global markets, and enhance their competitiveness.

The specializations of TÜV SÜD cover all needs of customers:
  • Scrutiny and Auditing.
  • Inspection.
  • Cognitive services.
  • Testing and issuing certifications for products.
  • Training.

For the branches of the inspection company and its approval area click here...

Contact Us:

Country Manager:
Jennifer Cheung
Tel: +85227885106
Fax: +85227761372
Address: 19/61 10th Row, Zahraa Al Maadi - Cairo - Egypt.


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