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Founded over 90 years ago, Flensoni Adriatica is one of the Flensoni Group of Companies. When established, the Group formed of its branches in Italy, its companies outside Italy and its agents around the world. The company deals with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Food Program as well as international companies in the field of grains and food products, in addition to inspection of industrial and consumer products.
Flinzoni Adriatica was accredited by the General Organization for Export and Import Control to validate the application of the Egyptian specifications on imports

The company is providing the following inspection services:

  • Agricultural inspection of grains and food inspection.
  • Inspection of consumer and chemicals goods.
  • Inspection of industrial machines and spare parts.
  • Maritime services and containers inspection.


For the branches of the inspection company and its approval area click here...

Contact Us:

Cairo Office:
Tel: +20222746633
Fax: 20226709089+
Adress: 33, Dr. Ibrahim Abou El Naga, Extension of Abbas El Akkad - Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt
Managers :

Nabil Hussein
Email : 
Cellphone : +201001256704 / +201222177348
Italy Office :
Tel: +390544428839
Fax: +390544590765
Adress :Circonvallazione Piazza D'Armi, 130 48122 Ravenna (RA) - ITALIA
Email : 
Managers :

Salvatore Musio
Tel: +393484530271
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