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Giving permission to export (exports)

Service description

This service allows commercial customers to submit an application for giving permission to export through the online portal of GOEIC, either by the Exporting Permission Certificate (Form No. 4 Exports) or by notation in the customs certificate, in addition to the role of the Central Department of Exports and its branches in terms of technical guidance, researches and standards in GOEIC. This service aims to provide a mechanism for the process of submitting such application which will save time spent on the service.

Providers of Service

Branches of the General Organization for Export and Import Control at ports and governorates

Place of Service

The Central Department of Exports and its branches at ports and governorates

Requirements of Service

·         The customer must have an active e-services account on the online portal.

·         The procedure must be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application on the portal.

Required documents

·         The export card

·         Inspection application

·         Certificate of customs formalities

·         An approved bill from the exporter

Procedures of Service

1.      The exporter shall submit the inspection application to the competent branch of GOEIC in accordance with the form prepared for this matter with payment of the fees set by a resolution of the minister concerned with foreign trade, and the exporter may request the completion of the inspection procedures on the customs declaration.

2.      The visual inspection is sufficient for the exported commodities that met the following rules:

o    The exporter shall have a quality control system approved by competent authorities and providing a written acknowledgment by the exporter for approval of such system is sufficient and the exporter shall accept the inspection of this system by GOEIC.

o    GOEIC shall ensure that the same exporter is exporting the commodity for a period that is not less than one year and with a minimum of ten lots, and that these lots have never been rejected fully or partially. The exporters who meet the aforementioned rules are registered in a special record designed for that purpose at GOEIC and a decision made by the Minister of Foreign Trade for the registration or cancellation in that record is published monthly in Al-Waqa'i' al-Misriyya (the Egyptian affairs) newspaper. The chairman of GOEIC may order to conduct a random inspection on any of lots exported by exporters registered in the referred registry. If the randomly inspected lot does not meet the specifications, the exporter shall be noticed with cancellation in the record and will be subject to final cancellation in case of repetition and will be re-registered if the rules are met.

3.      Before exporting commodities subject to export quality control (such as fresh citrus, fresh garlic, fresh onion, fresh potatoes, fresh peanuts), the exporter shall obtain the approval of the General Organization for Export and Import Control in accordance with the rules and procedures set forth for inspection and control of exported commodities.

4.      The exporter shall prepare the lots to be inspected within the Customs house and he may request the inspection of the exported lot at the place of its preparation in the production sites or outside the Customs house provided that he pays for the services performed by GOEIC in accordance with the rules issued by the Minister of Foreign Trade. The exporter has the right to request the inspection of the part prepared from the lot to be exported if is the full lot is not fully prepared.

5.      The all parts of the exported lots that have to be inspected and consisted of several lots or parcels shall be of the same type, category, grade and package.

6.      GOEIC shall abide by certificates issued by the competent authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ministry of Health and Population and Ministry of Electricity and Energy, which are released according to the control procedures carried out by such authorities in the production and preparation sites and the control procedures for compliance with the sanitary rules, agricultural, veterinary and radiation quarantine. Such certificates are valid for exportability and are only inspected visually at the shipping ports.

7.      The competent branch of GOEIC shall examine and review a random sample of the exported lot and shall reject the exported lot for meeting specifications and standards only after inspection of three random samples representing the exported lot. It is permissible, upon the desire of exporter, to complete the exports inspection procedures and issue the certificate of export permission on the customs declaration. The competent branch of GOEIC shall issue the certificate of export permission for the owner of the exported lot to export the conforming amount and such certificate shall be issued immediately upon completion of the inspection and review and the exporter has the right to request the registration of certificate on customs declaration.

8.      If the result of the inspection shows non-compliance with the set conditions and specifications, the branch of GOEIC shall notify the exporter, his agent or his representative with the reasons of refusal within 24 hours from the date of the inspection.

9.      The exporter shall ship the lot within the period specified in the certificate of export permission.

10.  In order to allow the exportation of the inspected lot, it is required that such lot still in conformity with the conditions and standards until the time of shipping, and the branch of GOEIC is responsible for such procedure. If it is proved that the lot has become incompatible with the specified conditions and standards, the branch must withdraw the certificate of export permission and unsealing the lot if the lot is outside the customs house, and if it is inside the customs house, its exportation shall be prohibited.

11.  If the exporter did not export or the time limit specified in the certificate of export permission expired, the competent branch of organization shall unseal the lot.