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Carbon Footprint


Greenhouse gas inventory verification is a third-party evaluation of a statement of historical data and information that determines whether a statement about the carbon footprint is materially correct and in accordance with relevant regulatory criteria (ISO 14064-1; 14064-2; 14064-3).

It consists of a review of activity data (invoices, receipts, resource consumption, etc.), verification of calculations, assumptions and emission factors used within materiality and assurance parameters previously agreed with the organization.

What are the benefits of independent verification?

  1. Anticipate new legal frameworks
  2. Access to new markets and increased profits
  3. Maximize efficiency and reduce costs
  4. Access to “green” financing sources
  5. Reputational improvement
  6. Provide security to interested parties
  7. Move forward on the path to Carbon Neutrality


This is in continuation of the role of the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC), as it is the branch of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry entrusted with providing technical support, facilitating the work of exporters, assisting them in increasing the competitiveness of Egyptian exports, and ensuring that Egyptian exports conform to international standards (quality, safety, and environment) to ensure the entry of Egyptian exports to international countries, and to strive to achieve opening new markets for Egyptian exports at the international level. As well as saving foreign currency for Egyptian exporters by providing national bodies to issue reduction certificates and obtain them in Egyptian pounds, in addition to our spread and presence in all governorates of the Republic, and being a government body, we have the opportunity to communicate with similar bodies in countries of the world, which leads to solving problems faster, as well as making it possible Issuing reduction certificates to neighboring countries in Africa and Asia

Vision :

To be the global leader in validating and verifying carbon footprints, driving sustainable practices and environmental accountability.

Mission :

Our mission is to provide rigorous validation and verification services for carbon footprints, empowering organizations to accurately measure, reduce, and offset their environmental impact. Through innovation, expertise, and collaboration, we aim to catalyze the transition to a low-carbon economy and foster a greener future for generations to come.

Our focus :

We speak your same language 

We are a network of professionals who, in addition to speaking your same language, understand the language of your business.

We provide powerful tools for the continuous improvement of your organization

Our focus is on delivering comprehensive validation and verification services tailored to the unique needs of each client, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise. We prioritize accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in our processes to ensure credible and reliable assessments of carbon footprints. By fostering partnerships, driving innovation, and promoting best practices, we strive to empower organizations to make informed decisions and take meaningful action towards a sustainable future.

We are Objective and Transparent

We place emphasis on objectively preparing our offers in consistency with actual costs, informing about the scope of our services and their applicability.

Practical, not theoretical

The recognized leadership of our partners, combined with the creativity, technical and practical competence of our network of professionals, allow the continuous development of our services and the pragmatic transfer of the latest technological developments in management issues.

Recognized and Independent

The international prestige of our partners and the recognition of our accreditations, combined with the work methodology in permanent evaluation, ensures the objective and independent completion of the training and certification processes.

We transfer technology to create value

Our network, which operates on the transfer of knowledge, focuses on critical business processes, searching for current and potential strengths, without prioritizing the bureaucratic search for weaknesses. The participation of our network of specialists in different areas of business and institutional activity allows us to maximize the value of our training and certification.

Permanent update on new models and innovations

GOEIC EVVU arises from the association of pioneering and innovative organizations in the Dissemination, Training, Evaluation and Certification of a wide range of models and standards, introducing new versions, applications and integration. GOEIC EVVU provides its clients with direct and permanent access to all the knowledge and information related to the latest trends in Quality and the relevant requirements (present and future) of regional and global markets.

Quality Policy :

At GOEIC EVVU, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our operations. We pledge to consistently deliver accurate, reliable, and timely validation and verification services, adhering to international best practices and regulatory requirements. Through continuous improvement, employee empowerment, and stakeholder engagement, we strive to exceed customer expectations and contribute to the global effort towards environmental sustainability.

Declaration of Impartiality

GOEIC EVVU declares to act in a totally impartial manner in the execution of its certification and training processes, applying equal treatment to all its clients.

GOEIC EVVU applies standardized criteria and procedures to evaluate, and subsequently decide the certifications of its clients, analyzing at the same time all potential conflicts of interest that may exist in the development of the activity, with the final purpose of achieving the objectivity of the processes.

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