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    Intertek is a leading Assurance, Test, Inspection and Certification Company with 46,000 people and a network of 1,000 offices and labs in more than 100 countries. Since 1885, we have gained a unique experience in helping our customers to ensure the quality and safety of their products, services and systems, to develop reliable brands, to overcome regulatory and market obstacles and to reduce their overall risk.  Whether your business is local or international, we will ensure that your products meet quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility standards on the market you target.

 Intertek also developed an extensive experience of over 35 years in governmental programs, providing assistance to government agencies, customs, and national standards organizations to check the conformity of imports with national or regional quality and safety standards and to secure import taxes. The Conformity Assessment Programs we operate ensure that the exports have been fully tested in accredited laboratories, and relevant certifications have been checked prior to shipment to the country of import.

Present in Egypt since 1977, Intertek is registered by GOIEC as per the Ministerial Decree 991/2015 to check the compliance of regulated products to relevant Standards and issue the mandatory Certificate of Inspection (CoI). The regulated products include (but are not limited to):

- Our Intertek team is here to help you and your organization understand and apply the latest market access     

   regulations in Egypt.

For the branches of the inspection company and its approval area click here. 


Contact Us:

Email: EGY-GTS-LO@intertek.com

Cairo Office:

Telephone: +20 (0)2 448 128 44/45/46

Address: Intertek Egypt for Testing Services ,2ND Floor, Block 13001, Piece 15, Street 13, First Industrial Zone, Next to Abou Ghali motors Obour City, Post Code 18111, Cairo, Egypt.

Contact Person:

Osama Gamal

Mobile: +20 (0)1027566610 

Mohamed Sadek
Email: mohamed.sadek@intertek.com

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