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Training Course: Import Practice Certification Training Program



training program:

Amr Mohammad Fatah Allah

A Hisham Abdel Moneim Abdel Majid

Khaled Al Rifai

A Dalia Talaat Abdel Aziz Shihab

Khaled AwadDowedar

A Ismail Abdul Halim Muharram

Nabil Abdel Fattah

Yehya Mustafa Ibrahim

mervat Mohamed Othman Atiq

 Emad Ahmed Abdullah Tiger

Mr. Mohamed Mansour Ibrahim

huda judge

Mi Zaki Al Jabri

Hani Mamdouh Mahmoud

Mohamed Fahmy Abdul Hamid

Abdel Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar

Mohamed Salah Abdo

 Saeed Khalil Ibrahim Omar

Ahmed Abdellah Rose

Juma Mohammad Madani

Mohamed Labib Barham

Michael Jamal qiddis

Ihab Fathi




Business programs


Target Group:


Working in the field of export practice


objective of the program:


The development of skills of workers in this area


Place of training:


Headquarters - Damietta Port Said - Alexandria (parasites)


training period:


5 days ago


date of the program:


The programs in accordance with the scheme throughout the year


Admission requirements:


  1. The trainee will not be government employees (except that the trainee is present on the governmental company or sector).
  2. But at least 21 years of age of the trainee.
  3. The contractor on the program is the author or insured by the company.


The development of skills of workers in this area


contents of the program:

  1. International trade conventions and the Organization
  2. (Legislation governing import) of Law 118 of 1975 and its regulations and provisions relating to the importation and resolutions and other legislation - the law on the register of importers and Trading Agency.
  3. Customs legislation (the customs law and its Executive Regulations as amended – customs' tariff and Customs Customization - How to identify the customs item and pricing of imports
  4. Means of payment, banking procedures and different means of transportation and documents relating to the commercial terms and procedures for the query about the companies.
  5. Regulatory Procedures on industrial imports agricultural quarantine and health procedures other control procedures
  6. Regulatory Procedures on food imports and agricultural health and quarantine procedures and other control

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