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Training Course: Office



About the program:


The training program:

Microsoft office


A computer


Hoda Ahmed Sayed

Amr Mohammed Abdul Jalil

Amr Mohammed al-Husseini

Target Group:

All workers in various fields

The objective of the program:

The development of skills of workers in this area

Place of training:

The main headquarters of Alexandria, Port Said and Damietta - Aswan

The training period:

A month and a half

The date of the meeting:


Admission requirements:

For the employees of the Authority:

Not to be assigned or attached to resolution 106

Be already attending the same program during the past three years

Commensurate with the functions of the training program

The introduction in the program:

In the case of progress from inside the body:

Name - the qualification - age - the name of the session - Mobile - administration of the direct approval of the president.


In the case of progress from the outside of the body:

Name - the name of the session - the qualification. mobile number - the name of the company.


The development of skills of workers in this area


The contents of the program:

The front of the computer

The definition flat Windows components and desktop

Dealing with accessories

The fundamental concepts of the word dealing with various file commands and control the documents and printing

Fundamental concepts of the Excel screen and use mathematical Lists

The preparation of a database of proposed projects 

The design of forms and reports and the projects final projects

Dealing with the opening screen and writing the text and patterns of presentations dealing with slideshow

The effects of the movement on the presentations and the introduction of audio, video and print slideshow

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