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Training Course: Building Materials, Chemicals and Refractories Inspection



Training program:

Check the construction materials and chemicals Refractories


Programs of industrial plants


Mr. Essam Fathi

Mr.  Mohamed Eid

Ms. nahla atef

Target Group:

Workers in this field

Objective of the program:

The development of skills of workers in this area

Place of training:

The main headquarters of Alexandria, Port Said and Damietta - Aswan -- The Suez Canal

Training period:

2 days

Date of the program:


Admission requirements:

For the employees of the Authority:

Not to be assigned or attached to resolution 106

Be already attending the same program during the past three years

Commensurate with the functions of the training program 

Program introduction:

In the case of progress from inside the body:

Name - the qualification - age - the name of the session - Mobile - administration of the direct approval of the president.

In the case of progress from the outside of the body:

Name - the qualification - age - the name of the session - Mobile - Company Name


The development of skills of workers in this area


Contents of the program:

Rejection of the decision of the Minister of Trade and Industry No. 770 of 2005 on the issuance of import list

Explain the resolution No. 43 concerning health covers the floors and soap and paper

Rejection of items not subject to resolution 43

Explain the Ministerial Resolution No. 43 concerning building materials and refractories

Explain the items :-

Iron, according to the specification 262. Parts.

Flakes according to the specification 1074/2007

The round of glass materials according to Specification 1869/2006 The round of porcelain materials in accordance with the specification 923 for the year 2005  

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