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Drawing on the expertise of an elite of the most important consultants and managerial developers with outstanding abilities and expertise, Goeic Training Center strives to be a distinguished and integrated model in the field of specialized training courses.

Current Training Courses

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Mission of the Center

Providing a distinct regional model for practical training in the fields of foreign trade and laboratory tests of various types of commodities and their usage and applying concepts of quality on training process, while ensuring continuity of development as a quality requirement


Courses offered by Goeic Training Center

Goeic Training Center provides a comprehensive set of specialized training courses and programs in various fields, which aim at improving the administrative and practical levels and raising the efficiency of management and human resources in order to cope with the global changes and achieve excellence, success, leadership and distinction in its work.

Food laboratories courses

• Detection of Shigella microbe in foods according to ISO 21567/2004 • Estimation of heavy metals by using the atomic absorption device • Methods of bacterial counting according to ISO 4833 • Detection of Pseudomonas microbe in water using filtering membrane according to ISO 1131/2006 • Detection of Legionella microbe in water according to international standards • Detection of Clostridium perfringens microbe in food products • Estimation of fatty acids using analytical gas chromatograph device • Methods of detecting coli group bacteria and methods of distinguishing between them according to the standard specifications • Method of estimating histamine in fish • Detection of Escherichia Coli microbe and coli group in water • Detection of Clostridium Botulinum microbe and its toxins in food products • Estimation of uncertainty for laboratory results • Methods of detecting and inspecting Listeria monocytogenes bacteria according to the standard specifications • Advanced GLP: Uncertainty Measurement, Data Validation, Method Validation & Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Analytical Laboratory According to ISO 17025 • Estimation of Total Volatile Nitrogen (T.V.N) in meat • Detection of Salmonella microbe in meat and poultry using traditional methods according to standard specifications • Estimation of preservatives using analytical liquefied chromatograph device • Methods of detection and inspection of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria and its total counting • Introduce Quality Assurance in a Laboratory • Estimation of active substance in soap and detergents • Detection of Bacillus Cereus microbe in food products according to ISO 7932-2 • Estimation of mycotoxins in foods • Preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture medium according to ISO 11133/2014 • Safety Procedure in Laboratories • Estimation of protein in food products using Kjeldahl analyzer • Detection of fungi and yeasts in foods according to ISO 21527/2008 • Laboratory methods of grains testing according to Egyptian Standard 1601/1/2010 • Recommended laboratory practices and general requirements for microbiological tests according to ISO 7218 • Preparing and supplying microbiological laboratories for international accreditation according to international standard specifications • Estimation of fats in food products using Soxhlet extractor • Detection of Salmonella and Ecoli O1 and O157 using Real Time PCR device • Sensory assessment of foods and its products

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