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The General Organization for Export and Import Control (Goeic) grants a respite to the importers to reconcile their situation

Goeic grants a respite of three months for importers to reconcile their situation In light of the continuity of the Egyptian state to adopt plans and programs to compensate the loses caused by covid-19 and to facilitate the treatments and procedures of different entities especially the private sector that was directly affected by the effects of that pandemic

Lunching "Traceability" service for imported goods into the markets

As GOEIC is very keen to follow up the quality of imported goods, and putting down more necessary controls...

A visit of the chair of the General Organization of Import and Export Control to ELARABI GROUP factories

M.G. / Ismail Gaber in a tour to ELARABI GROUP factories. Delegations of engineers from GOEIC transfer their technical experience to the research and development labs of ELARABI GROUP.

General Organization for Export and Import Control

The number of GOEIC accepted & rejected shipments, and GOEIC achievements 2020

Inauguration of the first lab at the Egyptian Arabic republic to exam the battery of electric cars at GOEIC branch in Port Said port

M.G. /Ismail Gaber –the chairman of GOEIC invited M.G. /Adel Elghadban (the governor of port said) and M.G. /Mohamed Braia (the vice president of the Suez Canal economic organization) to inaugurate the acid batteries and the batteries designated for electric cars at port said branch GOEIC building and take a tour through the industrial and food labs.

The economic Bulletin for the Egyptian exports and imports for the year 2020

A bulletin for the most important economic indicators, data and statistical studies about the movement of exports and imports and commercial exchange between Egypt and world countries issued by GOEIC.

THE ECONOMIC BULLETIN during the first quarter of 2021

Publication of the most important economic indicators and figures and the statistical studies on the movement of exports and imports and the trade exchange between Egypt and countries of the world issued by GOEIC.

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