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  • "Nation's Future Party" holds an extensive seminar entitled (The Future of Industry in the Shadow of the New Republic)

    The General Secretariat of the Nation's Future Party held an extensive seminar entitled (The Future of Industry in the Shadow of the New Republic) in the presence of Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Industry. This came in the presence of Eng. Ashraf Rashad al-Sharif, Secretary-General and First Vice-President of the Party, Representative. Ahmed Abdel-Gawad, Vice President of the Party, Secretary-General of Central Organization, General Yahya al-Essawi, Assistant Secretary-General of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Samir Sabri, Secretary of Industry of the Party, Deputy Mohamed Halawa, Chairman of the Senate Industry Committee. Also present were Representative Muhammad al-Sallab, Undersecretary of the Industry Committee in the House of Representatives, Representative Tayseer Matar   Undersecretary of the Industry Committee in the Senate, Hossam Haiba, Chairman of the General Authority for Investment, Eng.Essam al Naggar the chairman of “GOEIC”. Also pr
  • "The visit of Eng. Essam Al-Naggar, Chairman of GOEIC to the Egyptian pavilion at the Gulf Food Exhibition "Gulfood 2023

    The visit of Eng. Essam El-Naggar - Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control and Ambassador Ashraf El-Deeb - Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Dubai to the Egyptian pavilion at Gulfood 2023 with the participation of Dr. Hussein Mansour, former head of the National Food Safety Authority, Minister Plenipotentiary Trade Ashraf Hamdy - Head of the Egyptian Trade Office in Dubai, and a number of members of Chairmen of the Egyptian Halal Company ISEG. "Gulfood 2023" is the world's largest annual trade Exhibition for food and beverages, playing a pivotal role in strengthening the Middle East's leading role in the global food agenda. "Gulfood 2023" has continuously promoted innovation across its local, regional and global supply chains, by attracting large numbers of exhibitors, buyers and visitor’s year after year. "Gulfood 2023" is divided into sectors to increase accessibility and trade capacity, and tens of thousands of food and beverages are on display. It is wor
  • Chairman of GOEIC receives the Chinese delegation participating in the Egyptian-Chinese Summit for the Supply of Petroleum and Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE) Egypt 2023 at Cairo Airport

    At the beginning of the meeting, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar welcomed the guests and followed this up with an offer for the system of laboratories owned by GOEIC from industrial and chemical laboratories, pointing out that there are 1500 tests certified locally and internationally and soon reach 2,000 certified tests. The delegation submitted a number of queries on how to increase trade between Egypt and China and how to develop their projects in the Egyptian market and help them overcome the challenges facing Chinese businessmen.  Eng. Essam Al-Naggar added that China is one of the most invested countries in the Egyptian market and that the Ministry is keen to coordinate and continuously communicate with companies investing in the Egyptian market both foreign and domestic to provide all necessary support for the continuation of its work and facilitate actions to increase their investments in Egypt in order to encourage more foreign companies to turn their sights to the Egyptian market. backing and support fo
  • The Chairman of the General organization for Export and Import Control participates in the Egyptian-Chinese Summit for the Supply of Petroleum and Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE Egypt 2023)

    The General organization for Export and Import Control participates in the Egyptian-Chinese Summit for the Supply of Petroleum and Chemical Equipment CSSOPE EGYPT 2023, and this comes in the presence of the commercial attaché at the Chinese Embassy in Cairo.

    ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES is a leading provider of technical and inspection services with a global footprint. We help our customers in ensuring the overall quality of their goods and materials on a global level and protect them from the risks associated with international trade. The head office is accredited as a Type A inspection body in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 Ed. 2012. ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES is the largest private owned inspection company in Italy. ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES provides ISO 17020 accredited Pre-Shipment Inspection services to several Customers operating in the most diverse fields everywhere in the world. Pre-Shipment Inspection service also encompasses a dedicated range of supervisory and monitoring activities during stuffing, containerization, loading and unloading operations on goods and materials, before they are shipped to the final destination. Once received at the final destination, the goods and materials can be re-inspected to assure the absence of damages, degradat
  • Chairman of GOEIC participates in the launch of the sixth session of the international exhibition Destination Africa in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Business Sector

    Eng. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of Public Business, opened the sixth session of the international exhibition "Destination Africa ", which lasts until tomorrow. The exhibition is organized annually by the Export Council for Yarn, Textiles and Home Furnishings, the Export Council for Ready-to-Wear, the Egyptian Exporters' Association and in coordination and cooperation with the Egyptian General Organization for International Exhibitions and Conferences. Destination Africa is the only exhibition in Egypt specializing in bilateral business meetings for export and brings together more than 150 major companies and international brands importing the products of the sector and more than 60 exhibitors from Egypt's largest exporters of textile sectors. The exhibition aims to emphasize Egypt's pivotal position and being the main center of the African continent to supply all the sector's products of fiber, yarn, fabrics, ready-to-wear clothes, home furnishings and accessories. This strategic industry in Egypt is characte
  • President El-Sisi, at the conclusion of the activities of the Economic Conference 2022: "We, as a country, are committed to implementing all the recommendations of the Economic Conference

    The activities of the Economic Conference 2022 concluded with several important recommendations that represent a roadmap for the growth of the Egyptian economy through several sessions to discuss a set of important economic papers aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Egyptian economy It deals with global economic challenges, which include the slowdown in global growth, which coincided with high rates of inflation and unemployment, and the volume of debt reaching record levels, which threatens an inflationary stagnation. It also deals with the ability of the Egyptian economy to withstand in the face of economic crises. We review the 16 most important recommendations at the conclusion of the 2022 Economic Conference: 1.      Expanding the ownership base by focusing on exit by adopting the stock market offering as a priority. 2.      Increase capital through the entry of a strategic investor 3.      Strengthening the role of Egy
  • Registration and re-registration in the importers register

    Service purpose: Registration and re-registration of facilities subjected to the Companies Law numbered 159 / 1981 and Investment Law numbered 72/2017 that import for the purpose of trade Registration is carried out in accordance with the Law of Importers Register numbered 121/1982 amended by Law numbered 7/2017. Place of service Branches of GOEIC: Marouf-Alexandria-Suez-Damietta-Sixth of October-Investor Services Complex in the Investment Authority Conditions for registration and re-enrolment and the documents required for registration at the importers register First: individual establishments A- Conditions for listing and re-registration of individual establishments The facility must be registered in the commercial register and hold a tax card. The owner of the facility or the authorized agent (if existed) must be of Egyptian nationality. Importation has to be one of the company’s purposes according to the import commercial registry. The business has been practiced for at least two co
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  • Inspection of food imports lot (lot inspection)

    The service of requesting inspection of food imports lots allows commercial customers to submit an online application to inspect food imports lots through portal of GOEIC and the service procedure is to be completed within one of the GOEIC branches.
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  • Registration and re-registration in the Exporters Register

    Service purpose: It is permissible to engage in export or re-export for the purpose of trading, except for those whose name is registered in the register of exporters, in accordance with Regulation 770 /2005. Registration is made in the Exporters Register in accordance with Law 118 /1975 and Regulation 770 / 2005. Place of service Branches: Marouf–6th of October - Alexandria - Port Said - Suez - Damietta - Office of the Investors Services Complex in the General Investment Authority Links and documents for registration or re-registration in the register of exporters: First, individual establishments A - Conditions for registration and re-registration of individual establishments The establishment must be registered in the commercial register In the case of productive projects, the capital registered in the commercial register shall be no less than ten thousand pounds, and in the case of other projects, it shall not be less than twenty-five thousand pounds. If the establishment is not sub
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  • Ravi Energie Pvt Ltd

    We, Ravi Energie Pvt. Ltd., are a part of Ravi Energie Group of Companies. We have been providing multilevel and multi-disciplinary Third Party Inspection and Audit services related to Domestic and International Trade, Commerce, Infrastructure Projects and Energy since 1976. Broadly Categorizing, we provide services such as Pre-Shipment Inspection, Chartered Engineer’s Certification, Conformity Assessment,Documentary Check and Verification, Sampling and Analysis, Energy Audits, Valuations/Appraisals , etc. With base in USA, India, UK and UAE and branches in other countries, Ravi Energie Group has extended its services to all the major nations of the world. Our Group Companies are independently ISO 9001 / ISO 17020 / ISO 17025 NABL (as per ILAC & APLAC ) certified and affiliated with many reputed International Organizations. We are a member of Testing, Inspection and Certification – TIC Council (formerly IFIA) since 2010. We are also enlisted with various Governments and International Agenci
  • Goeic traces imported goods into Egyptian markets

    In the frame of GOEIC caution of tracing imported consignments and conserving the national economy for the country and protecting the Egyptian market. And in implementing the directions of the General engineer, Mr. Ismail Gaber, Goeic chairman to activate Goeic role in the field of tracing the consignments granted a release under custody in its storage places at the importers’ in all Egypt governorates , the central department for industrial imports and the general department of inspection and in the company of the Brigadier,Wael Mohamed Zaki , the region assistant of East Delta , canal and Sinai at the  General Administration of Supply Investigations run campaigns to trace these consignments and to what extent they are committed to under custody release conditions. These campaigns resulted into revealing some Violations in Dakahlia Governorate embodied in squandering some consignments. Consequently the necessary official reports have been filed in order to take the legal measures towards it. Thes
  • The General Organization for export and Import Control traces the imported products in the Egyptian market

    In the framework of GOEIC’s keenness to trace up the imported shipments, conserve the national economic for our country, and protect the Egyptian market. In implementation of the directives of the M.G.Ismail Gaber, the chairman of GOEIC  to activate the role of GOEIC in the field of tracing up  shipments granted release under custody in the storage places of the importer’s warehouse in all governorates of the Republic, both central directorate of industrial imports and -general directorate of inspection in collaboration with the general administration of supply investigation make campaigns to trace up these shipments to know to what extent these shipments are abided by the conditions of the granted under custody release . The campaign started at DAMIETTA followed by ELSHARKIA and this resulted into revealing a number of violations embodied in disposal of a number of shipments .As a result the necessary reports were drawn up and the violators were referred to the foreign trade sector t
  • The Registration of Qualified Factories and Companies to export their products to Egypt according to the Ministerial decree 43/2016 & the Ministerial decree 44/2019

    The Service: The General Organization for Export and Import control (GOEIC) has created a record for the Factories and Companies (Trade Mark owners) eligible to export products to the Arab Republic of Egypt. These imported products shall not be released for the purpose of trading, unless they are produced in the registered factories, or imported by the companies the owner of Trade Mark, or its distribution centers registered in this record. Registering or deleting from this record shall be issued by a decision of the minister concerned with Foreign Trade, and he may exempt from any or all of the registration conditions in the cases he decides. To view the decree press here …   This Service performed by: The Central Department of the Chairman's office affairs / Factory Registration Unit – at the headquarters of Cairo Airport. Service Place: Factory Registration Unit – the headquarters at Cairo Airport.       Documents required to register a factory: All the
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    About COTECNA: Cotecna is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services. We offer solutions to facilitate trade and make supply chains safer and more efficient for our clients. Our trusted network of professionals and certified laboratories provide expertise across four key sectors: agriculture, food safety, government & trade solutions, and metals & minerals. Founded in Switzerland in 1974, Cotecna started as a family business and has now grown to become a world-class international player with over 4,000 employees in more than 100 offices across approximately 50 countries. click here...   Contact Us: Country Managers: Yasser Yassin Heba Zamzam Samir Abdelmaseh Tell: +2034273639 Fax: +2034273634 Cellphone: 01002140092 / 01002516120 / 01002516119 Email: Email:
  • Decision of the General People's Committee No. 814 of 1375 to decide on the supply of certain goods and goods.

    Decision of the General People's Committee No. 814 of 1375 to decide on the supply of certain goods and goods.
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  • Information Technology

    Central Department of Information Technology and Decision-making Support The Department is competent to the automation of all GOEIC activities through a range of applications and software, as well as providing all services to the foreign trade community by issuing various reports and data in various forms that support exporters, importers and scholars as well as decision makers of the higher authorities. Additionally, the department works to overcome the barriers that face customers through direct communication with them and solves all their problems. Current Status: All GOEIC affairs and its branches are automated through a set of applications and software as follows: Applications for automated inspections. Applications for commercial registers. Applications for external laboratories. Applications for the foreign trade data warehouse. Applications for the unified statistical form.  Automations are carried out through a huge network linking the headquarters (data center) with GOEIC and i
  • Authorized Economic Operator program (AEO), Egypt

    Activating protocol of cooperation between the Egyptian Customs Authority and the General Organization for Export and Import Control Authorized Economic Operator program (AEO), Egypt   Summary of Economic Operator Service                                                  Text of Protocol of cooperation between the Egyptian Customs Authority and the General Organization for Export and Import Control                                           Accredited Companies Application form for the accession of an importer  Application form for the accession of an