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International American Quality Certification (IAQC) (MALAYSIA)

A leading company in the field of inspection and auditing, based in MALAYSIA. We have highly qualified and accredited inspectors specialized in inspection and inspection in every country around the world. We specialize in inspection, review, issuance of inspection certificates in the country of origin before shipment, and the issuance of quality and ISO certificates for various products and systems. Table, electrical appliances, and many of the various products shown in the annex to the company’s activity) We provide our customers with a “Certificate of Pre-shipment Inspection according to the Egyptian Program. We provide the customer with all technical procedures strictly in line with the Egyptian and international standard specifications with speed of execution

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Responsible: Tarek Attia
Tel: 01002860289
Website: www.
Tel: 0225305630
Fax: 0225305630
Publish Date 22/08/2022 09:02 AM
Last Update 22/08/2022 09:32 AM
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