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TUVRheinland is a leader in the fields of inspection, testing, quality and ISO certification issuance for products and different systems. It was established in 1872, in the city of Cologne, Germany. It applies the main principles of quality and safety through its branches around the world that includes up to 500 offices in more than 66 countries with more than 1950 employees in order to meet the various challenges arising from the interactions between human, and technology and the environment.

The company works on achieving those goals through its specialized departments that include variety of fields like industrial services and cars as well as certification of products, training, consultations, ISO certification services for different systems, and consumer goods. The company has recently reached a leading status in the process of furniture testing, in addition to the process of evaluation and certification issuance for different solar cells.

Market access program, under which the section of imported commodities to Arab Republic of Egypt, is considered one of the branches of product certification department. TUV Rheinland was accredited by the General Organization for Export and Import Control to issue the mandatory inspection certification for exports to Egypt in the field of textile and leather, as well as issuing its certifications of quality and conformity according to Egyptian standard specifications.

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Office Info:
Tel: +20223101105 /07 /09
Fax: +20229702019
Address: 19/61 10th Row, Zahraa Al Maadi - Cairo - Egypt.
Website: TUV
Mostafa Abdelsalam:
Cellphone: 01207300015
Islam Elsayed:
Cellphone: 01145630016
Mohamed Abdelaziz:
Cellphone: 01223023366


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