Chairman of GOEIC receives the Chinese delegation participating in the Egyptian-Chinese Summit for the Supply of Petroleum and Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE) Egypt 2023 at Cairo Airport

Publish Date 17/02/2023 12:43 PM
Last Update 19/02/2023 11:34 AM

At the beginning of the meeting, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar welcomed the guests and followed this up with an offer for the system of laboratories owned by GOEIC from industrial and chemical laboratories, pointing out that there are 1500 tests certified locally and internationally and soon reach 2,000 certified tests.

The delegation submitted a number of queries on how to increase trade between Egypt and China and how to develop their projects in the Egyptian market and help them overcome the challenges facing Chinese businessmen. 

Eng. Essam Al-Naggar added that China is one of the most invested countries in the Egyptian market and that the Ministry is keen to coordinate and continuously communicate with companies investing in the Egyptian market both foreign and domestic to provide all necessary support for the continuation of its work and facilitate actions to increase their investments in Egypt in order to encourage more foreign companies to turn their sights to the Egyptian market. backing and support for industrial investments in the Egyptian market is one of the top priorities of the Government's action plan.

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