Establishment of new laboratories at GOEIC in the fields of biodegradable products, carbon footprint measurement, refrigerant testing and testing, and energy efficiency optimization tests.

Publish Date 09/07/2022 04:14 PM
Last Update 21/07/2022 04:00 PM

Statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

In the framework of the Egyptian government's preparations for receiving the COP27 climate summit.

Establishing new labs at the General Organization for Export and Import Control in the fields of biodegradable products, carbon footprint measurement, inspection and testing of refrigeration methods and tests to maximize energy efficiency.

Nevine Jammeh: We are keen to raise the efficiency of the infrastructure of the laboratory system in the affiliated authorities to comply with the directions of the Egyptian state towards the transition to the green economy.

Mrs. Nevine Jammeh, Minister of Trade and Industry, stressed the ministry's keenness with all its bodies and affiliates to contribute to the state's efforts to support the transition to a green economy in various productive and service sectors, reduce carbon emissions, confront global warming and climate change and achieve sustainability, especially in light of the global interest in seeking alternatives that contribute to reducing harmful emissions. She pointed out that Egypt's hosting of the COP27 climate summit next November is a good opportunity to review these efforts made by the state, especially in light of the National Climate Change Strategy in Egypt 2050 launched by the Council of Ministers in order to address the effects and repercussions of climate change and from its consequences is improving the quality of life for the Egyptian citizen, sustainable economic growth, and preserving natural resources and ecosystems, while strengthening Egypt's international leadership in the field of climate change.

Eng/ Essam Al-Najjar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, explained that GOEIC has paid great attention to raising the efficiency of its labs infrastructure and providing it with the latest, accurate and fastest laboratory equipments, which supports all the necessary tests for imports and exports to conform to international standards, which supports its competitiveness in international markets by examining and testing biodegrade.

Al-Najjar pointed out that last year, GOEIC established a lab to examine biodegradable plastic products in accordance with international specifications, including biodegradable detergents and textile products that have obtained the ecological mark. It also obtained accreditation in the field of the Saudi technical regulation of biodegradable plastic products to encourage the entry of Egyptian exports to the Saudi markets, pointing out that this step will contribute to facilitate the entry of Egyptian exports of these products to many countries of the world, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and some African countries, which seek to find suitable and high-quality alternatives that enable them to transform to a green economy.

The Chairman of GOEIC pointed out that the GOEIC's plan for the year 2022/2023 includes the establishment of a specialized laboratory to conduct biodegradation testing of exported products, including detergents, textile products, paper products and others, by measuring the carbon footprint and its conformity with the international legislation OECD/OCDE TG310, pointing out that the GOEIC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, established five laboratories to tightly control imports of refrigerant "Freon gas" in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

Al-Najjar added that GOEIC has established eight laboratories to inspect the "Energy Efficiency Card for Appliances" and conduct energy conservation tests for household appliances of all kinds, including washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, bulbs, fans, air conditioning and vacuum. GOEIC also plans to establish five laboratories to conduct energy conservation tests for household appliances at GOEIC's branch in Sokhna Port. He pointed out that the "Energy Efficiency Card for Devices" program is concerned with developing specifications for testing devices, measuring their energy consumption and designing energy efficiency cards, which contributes to encouraging the purchase of high-efficiency products, improving energy efficiency and reducing the consumption bill.

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