The minister of trade and industry inaugurates the new building for testing labs of GOEIC at Dekheila port in Alexandria

For the first time in Egypt and Middle East, two accredited labs to test and examine the biodegradable plastic and the paper products were established according to the Egyptian and international specifications

The minister of trade and industry Dr. Neven Gamee said "we are keen to develop the procedural system in the branches of GOEIC to speed up the pace of examination, release and evading accumulation of products in ports.

Engineer/Esam Elnagar: GOEIC provides all examination service that exceeds 400 accredited tests in all air, sea and land ports

Publish Date 13/02/2022 11:18 AM
Last Update 15/02/2022 02:38 PM

The minister of trade and industry inaugurated the new building for testing labs of GOEIC at Dekheila port in Alexandria

The minister was accompanied during the inauguration by:

  • General / Essam el Nagar, chairman of GOEIC,
  • General / Mohamed Elzalat, chairman of General Organization of industrial development,
  • Engineer/ Mahmoud Mehrez, head of Cairo Investment Company,
  • Mr. / Hatem Elaashry, consultant of the minister of institutional communication,
  • Engineer/ Mohamed Anwar, head of executive authority for industrial projects
  • Captain/ Tarek Shahen head of General organization of Alexandria and Dekheila ports

The minister/Neven Gamea confirmed that the ministry's keenness to improve the service system provided to the importers and exporters society through the Implementation of the latest international regulations and rules in examination and release procedures of the import and export shipments contributing to trade movement facilitation between Egypt and different global markets.

She also indicated that the ministry works to develop the procedural system in all branches of GOEIC to speed up the pace of examination, release and evading accumulation of products in Egyptian ports. She mentioned the efforts of the Egyptian government aiming to govern all border ports and develop the customs directorates contributing to reduce the customs release time and facilitate procedures.

The minister said that the ministry represented by GOEIC raised the efficiency of GOEIC's labs infrastructure in Dekheila port where it established new building for chemical and industrial labs to examine imported shipments to Alexandria and Dekheila ports. She mentioned that the new building includes 29 labs that cover all conventional inspection fields and number of new fields of examination for the first time in Egypt and Middle East where 4 labs specializing in new fields were established that include polymers, biodegradable plastic, detergent and soap test in addition to wood, building materials and textile quality tests

The minister added that GOEIC works on develop the food and chemical labs and provide labs with the latest labs equipment to expand the scope of examination fields and increase the lab capacity aiming to get the best results as soon as possible and  absorb imports and promote and support exports.

General /Esam Elnagar ,chairman of GOEIC clarified that the new building contains from 4 floors ,where the ground floor includes 5 labs in testing the petroleum 's products, security chemicals, electrical cables, household circuit breakers in addition to sockets and light switches and the electrical chassis, pointing to that the first floor includes 10 specialized labs from them labs test cartoon ,paper products and the chemical tests on the food products and the natural properties of the products ,in addition to biological viruses.

engineer/ Esam Elnagar added that the second floor includes 5 labs which cover polymers, biodegradable plastic fields, remnants of heavy elements, tobacco and cigarettes, wood, building materials, in addition to optics, industrial chemical tests, detergent and also paints, inks and stationery,

And the third floor includes 6 specialized labs in estimation of pesticide residues, estimation of mycotoxins, additives, besides examining textiles, leather, toys, and Freon and calibration fields

Engineer/ Esam ElNagar confirmed that the new building for testing labs is a continuing plan to develop all GOEIC'S labs, He also stressed that GOEIC'S keenness to pressure all various test and examine process with accretion and high quality and in the shortest time as possible to check the conformity of samples and materials and goods and the local and imports products according to the standard specifications, and the health, safety and security standards which contributes to the opening of new markets and increase presence of the Egyptian products globally, in addition to protect the consumer from any poor quality products which is not conforming to specifications and to provide products with high quality in markets.  

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