GOEIC holds training sessions for exporters to support the initiative of 100billion for exports

Publish Date 15/01/2022 11:31 PM
Last Update 17/01/2022 02:50 PM

In reflection to the great role played by GOEIC to develop the Egyptian exports, engineer, Esam Elnagar, the chairman of GOEIC held a meeting with the export councils of Furniture and leather as well as the chamber of industrial Leather.

It was agreed to provide free training courses to the exporters to be acquainted with the requirements and conditions for exporting according to COMESA and Arab league agreements.

Also, Engineer, Esam Elnagar mentioned the role of GOEIC to provide the certificates of conformity of products especially in the following fields: textile and ready-made clothes, Shoes and its accessories, the artificial and natural leathers and its products and biodegradable plastic.

GOEIC is considered the first approved Egyptian governmental organization to be registered in saber system and this certificate of conformity assessment is granted according to the international specifications 17065: ISO/IEC

The Engineer,  Esam Elnagar confirmed that GOEIC is keen on permanent communication with the exporters and the importers' community  aiming to inform them of the latest services provided by GOEIC to facilitate for the business community which contribute to the opening of export markets towards the Egyptian products in different foreign markets.

This comes as part of the GOEIC's efforts to develop the exports and to cooperate with the exporters to open new markets for the Egyptian's products.

 It is worth saying that GOEIC represents a main axis within the ministry's strategy that aim to reinforce and develop the foreign trade and realize the ministry's plan to get the volume of exports to reach 100 billion dollars annually; especially that GOEIC has a large number of competencies and the young cadres that can be exploited to upgrade the services system and the execution speed of procedures according to the requirements of the digital transformation adopted by our country.

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