GOEIC signs a joint co -operation protocol with the atomic energy organization

Publish Date 13/12/2021 12:16 PM
Last Update 21/12/2021 02:33 PM

Within the directions of president of republic for establishment the central labs in all main ports and in implementation of prime minister's decisions include that GOEIC studies to add the atomic energy organization's labs inside the GOEIC's labs buildings in all main ports.

Engineer/ Esam Elnagar chairman of GOEIC and Dr./Amr Elhag chairman of atomic energy organization sign a joint co -operation protocol between GOEIC and  the atomic energy organization to provide places in GOEIC's  main labs as the atomic energy organization will equip these labs with all necessary devices and equipment, this is to ensure that samples arenot transferred outside the ports and reducing the customs release time.

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