Inauguration of the first lab at the Egyptian Arabic republic to exam the battery of electric cars at GOEIC branch in Port Said port

Publish Date 26/01/2021 12:29 PM
Last Update 07/02/2021 01:41 PM

Completing the development plan of the industrial labs of GOEIC and inauguration of acid and spill free batteries

Under the instructions of his excellency president/ Abdel Fattah Elsisi to establish central labs at the axial ports to finish customs procedures for all goods, also according to the decisions of the  prime minister concerning the  same subject, and the caution  of Dr./Naveen Gamea the minister of trade and industry  to  develop all labs of all its affiliating entities.

M.G. /Ismail Gaber –the chairman of GOEIC  invited  M.G. /Adel Elghadban (the governor of port said)  and M.G. /Mohamed Braia (the vice president of the Suez Canal economic organization)  to inaugurate the acid batteries and the batteries designated for electric cars at port said branch GOEIC building  and take a tour through the industrial and food labs.

The governor indicated that the development of GOEIC LABS and using the latest devices and the techniques to protect the Egyptian market and the costumers from entering goods and products that do not conform to Egyptian and international specifications.

While M.G. / Ismail Gaber indicated that the inauguration of the acid and spill free batteries and the batteries designated for electric cars at port said branch GOEIC is considered to be completing the development plan of the industrial labs of GOEIC which considering the first lab from this kind at the Egyptian Arabic republic that has the ability to make all the tests in this field.

He assured on GOEIC ‘s caution  in  supporting  the  initiative of localizing  car industry in Egypt .An initiative launched by His excellency the president Abd Elfatah Elsisi among national strategies to maximize the national product and heading to producing clean cars using electricity that Egypt try to manufacture and export to the region. This shall be done through carrying out inspection processes and different tests accurately and with high quality and the least time to make sure of the conformity of samples, raw materials and domestic and imported products to the standards and safety and security criteria. This will be achieved through providing a set of developed and internationally accredited labs participating in opening new market and increasing the existence of Egyptian products worldwide beside consumer protection from low quality products that are incompatible to specifications and providing high quality products in markets.

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