Inauguration of the advanced food labs at Goeic’s field branch in Aswan

Publish Date 27/12/2020 11:02 AM
Last Update 28/12/2020 01:33 PM

Under the instructions of his excellency president/ Abdel Fattah Elsisi to establish central labs at the axial ports to finish customs procedures for all goods, also according to the decisions of the  prime minister concerning the  same subject, and the caution  of Dr./Naveen Gamea the minister of trade and industry  to  develop all labs of all its affiliating entities.

M.G./Ashraf Atia, Aswan governor of and M.G. /Ismail Gaber –the chairman of GOEIC have inaugurate the microbiology and chemical lab for testing the quality of foodstuff Products  at Aswan GOEIC building branch at  High  Dam East port. The port connects between Egypt and Sudan through the river Nile where passenger and cargo trips go through Halfa port.  The two labs have witnessed a comprehensive development due to the instructions and recommendations of the political leadership to cover all ports with modern and developed labs. The latest device of pesticide residues for food samples and heavy metals, costing 15million pounds will arrive soon to this branch. This will contribute in reducing time, effort, budget and preserving products by analyzing them and get the results during 48hours instead of sending the samples to Cairo labs.

The governor indicated that the development of GOEIC LABS will work on putting more restricting healthy and preventive procedures to prevent goods that are in compatible with standards and specifications and consequently confiscation of these goods immediately. A study is currently underway to establish a logistical area near high dam east port to increase the movement of trade exchange and to open new fields to reinforce the Egyptian Sudanese relationship.

While M.G./Ismail Gaber confirmed that the Inauguration of lab at ASWAN branch, is considered to be completing the development plan to all food and chemical GOEIC labs, confirming the keen of GOEIC to make the different inspection and test procedures with accuracy and high quality in the least possible time to confirm the correspondence of the local, the imported samples, materials and goods and to the standards and the health, safety and security measures. This will contribute in opening new markets and increases of Egyptian products availability internationally in addition to protect the consumer from low quality products which are incompatible to standards provide markets with products of high quality.

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