GOEIC Labs inspected Hyundai rims

Publish Date 07/11/2019 01:55 PM
Last Update 07/11/2019 01:59 PM

In the framework of the cooperation between Consumer Protection Agency and GOEIC, to protect the Egyptian consumer, and due to the many complaints from the owners of "Hyundai Elantra HD". GOEIC Labs have been used to inspect "Hyundai rims", as GOEIC Labs are internationally accredited, certified (ISO 17025) & (PT), and are considered one of the leading laboratories in Arab Republic of Egypt because of its modern equipment and devices, and well trained inspectors.

Accordingly, a specialized committee is formed by Korean experts, rims manufacturers, Korean Hyundai "Mother Company", Hyundai Egypt, and Ghabbour Auto, to inspect the 10 sides' rims of "Hyundai Elantra HD Cars".

After inspecting the rims samples at "Alexandria Labs", and after many tests of inspection, the rims were not conforming to the Egyptian standard specifications.

Consequently, as Ghabour Auto Company is keen on the owners of "Hyundai Elantra HD" cars, the company posted an ad in which they obliged the company itself to make a retrieve campaign for the 10 sides rims as well as carrying out a free inspection for the rims of Hyundai Elantra HD models of  2017,2018,2019 without any required fees.

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