“GOEIC” signs a joint cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Drug Authority

Publish Date 21/08/2023 01:36 PM
Last Update 22/08/2023 11:08 AM

Pursuant to the directives of The Minister of Commerce and Industry Eng. Ahmed Samir, on the importance of activating cooperation and integration between the various state institutions, Today, Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General organization for Export and Import Control, signed a joint cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Drug Authority, with the aim of integrating efforts and joint cooperation between the two sides in transferring experiences, exchanging information and holding introductory seminars.

The Egyptian Drug Authority represented:

Dr. Radwa Ahmed Al-Mounir - Head of the Central Administration for Drug Policies and Market Support and supervisor of the Central Administration of the Office of the President of the Authority.

Dr. Maryam Raouf, Director of the General Administration for Export Support and Investment Promotion.

Dr. Mariam Atef - Director of the Export Support and Monitoring Department.

Mr. Mustafa Hassan - Public Relations and Protocol officer.

The General organization for Export and Import Control has the infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the electronic data repository for Egyptian foreign trade, the Egyptian Foreign Trade Information Centre and the Accredited Training Centre, which offers scientific courses and seminars to all exporters and importers due to its distinguished human, scientific and technological cadres.

This cooperation is a model for integration between state institutions to take advantage of the available capabilities in the various institutions, as the protocol aims to emphasize the critical strategic importance of the Egyptian medical preparations and supplies market, and the paramount importance that exports of various medical preparations represent in supporting the Egyptian economy.

This is within the framework of the state's efforts to implement economic reform policies and promote Egyptian industries to meet various challenges at the local and international levels in order to achieve export competition.

The two parties agreed on the importance of cooperation and integration between them through:

Exchanging information, data and indicators available to GOEIC related to Egypt’s foreign trade and classifying them according to countries, agreements and various production sectors, and classifying imported and exported commodities with regard to medical and biological preparations and supplies, plants and herbs that have a medical claim, cosmetics, pesticides and raw materials used in the manufacture of medical preparations and supplies.

Organizing and conducting training activities (courses, workshops, conferences) in the legal, administrative and technical aspects of the parties' competence.

Cooperation and participation in bilateral initiatives aimed at increasing Egyptian exports and supporting global competitiveness by facilitating export procedures, and working to overcome all challenges that stand in the way of its flow to foreign markets, through coordination with the relevant bodies.

At the end of the protocol signing events, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar and Dr. Ayman Al-Khatib exchanged memorial shiel.

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