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Cancelling the registration in the exporters record

Service description

In order to save time and facilitate the course of procedures for commercial customers, this service allows them to submit an application for cancelling the registration in the exporters record to GOEIC using the online portal and it aims to provide a mechanism for the process of submitting it which will save time spent on the service.

Place of Service

Cairo Headquarters - (6th of October branch - Alexandria branch - Port Said branch - Suez branch - Damietta branch)

Requirements of Service

·         The customer must have an active e-services account on the online portal.

·         The procedure must be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application on the portal.

Required documents

·         An application for cancelling the registration in the exporters record

Procedures of Service

First: Canceling based on the customer request:

1.      Submission of application for cancellation of registration signed by the interested party personally before the competent employee, or by the bank approval on the validity of signature on application in case of the absence the interested party (original cards in possession of the interested party shall be attached with the application and in case any of such cards is missing, customer shall record a police report).

2.      Submission of a report of cancellation that shall be approved by the General Director of Accreditation (with the mandate of Mr./ Chairman of the Board of Directors).

3.      Submission of a cancellation letter that shall be approved by the competent authority.

4.      Delivering a letter of cancellation to customer and retaining a copy of it in the file

5.      Notifying the Computer Department with a copy of the exporter registration for cancellation from the valid registrations of exporters

6.      Notation in the registration page in Register No. 22 Exports to indicate the cancellation of registration and date of cancellation upon the request of exporter

Second: Administrative cancellation:

1.      Extracting the registrations that will expire after one year from the end date of the registration or electronic renewal of registrations in exporters record (which has not been renewed) after the expiration of time limit.

2.      Comparing the electronically extracted registrations with the files, whether in the headquarters or the branch

3.      Reprinting the registrations after exclusion of the renewed registrations in the archive of the registration books

4.      Approving the cancellation of all registrations by the head of Central Department with one date and serial numbers

5.      The process of electronic cancellation of registrations is done after approving the cancellation report by the head of the Central Department of commercial registration.

6.      Notation in the registration page in Register No. 22 Exports to indicate the administrative cancellation of registration and the date of cancellation to void renewal.

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