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Cancellation of real estate brokerage contracts in the register of real estate brokers

Service purpose

Cancellation of brokerage / marketing / brokerage contracts in the register of real estate brokers in accordance with Law 120/ 1982

Place of service

  • GOEIC branches: in Maarouf - Sixth of October - Tenth of Ramadan - Alexandria - Port Said - Damietta - Suez - Sharkia - Menoufia - Ismailia
  • Chambers of Commerce (Alexandria - Kafr El Sheikh - Tanta - Damanhour - Sohag - Arish)

Documents required canceling the real estate brokerage contract at the request of the broker

  1. Fulfillment of the request to cancel the contract, signed by the concerned employee, the person who has the right to manage and sign, or the legal representative
  2. A copy of the national ID card or passport of the applicant and the original for review
  3. An original letter from the mediator including
    • The mediator’s desire to write off the brokerage/marketing/broking contract
    • All contract data to be written off.
    • Signed by the person concerned or who has the right to administer and sign in front of the competent employee, or by the validity of a signature from the bank or signed by the legal agent (if this is expressly stipulated by the power of attorney)
  4. Delivery of all registration cards issued for the real estate brokerage contract to be written off
    In the event that one of them is lost, a lost note is brought, stamped from one of the police stations.
  5. If the applicant is an agent on behalf of the mediator in submitting a request to cancel the agency contract, the following documents are required from him:
    • A copy of a notarized power of attorney from the real estate registry with a review of the original (even a second agent is accepted only)
    • Complete the declaration of validity of the power of attorney (original)
    • If he is a government employee, public authority, public institution, or local government unit, he shall submit
      A letter from his employer stating that this entity has no objection to the employee performing proxy work for others and that he has taken an unpaid leave

Procedures for canceling the contract by the mediator

  1. Reserving an appointment through the GOEIC’s website (in case the application is submitted in MAROUF or October, or the Investor Services Complex at the Investment Authority)
    Please see the instructions for use when booking the appointment
  2. Submitting the required documents in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 120 /1982
  3. Check the documents
  4. Determining the fees at the reception desk
  5. Pay the fees
  6. Financial and technical audit
  7. Deleting the contract data from the real estate brokerage data and products certificate
  8. The broker reviews the card before wrapping it and receiving it
  9. Packaging-Deliver

Important Notes :

  1. Obtaining document forms from the GOEIC’s website only
  2. To find out the steps for booking an appointment through the GOEIC’s website, please enter the following link
  3. It takes into account the placement of the stamp with 1pound and the stamp of resource development on the power of attorney
  4. If the person concerned or who has the right to manage and sign is outside the country and delegate his legal representative to submit an application for obtaining the service at the authority, the power of attorney issued by a foreign authority must be certified by the Egyptian embassy or consulate abroad and deposited in the real estate registry in Egypt
  5. It accepts even a second power of attorney only - the authorization is not accepted
  6. If the person acting on behalf of the company in submitting the application is from government employees, public authorities, public institutions or local government units, the real estate brokers registry card is not delivered until after notifying his employer
  7. If the broker is linked to a business contract with the producer, trader or distributor, the real estate broker pays half of the prescribed fees and this is proven as follows:-
    If the contract is issued locally, it is submitted
    A copy of a certified work contract from the social insurance and the original insurance print for the mediator
    If the contract is issued from abroad, it is submitted
    A copy of an employment contract notarized by the competent chamber of commerce or the official authority that takes its place in the country of the foreign client and certified by the Egyptian consulate or embassy in the country of the foreign client.
  8. We ask you to be careful to avoid falling into the violations mentioned in Law 120/1982 and its Regulations 342/1982, which you decided to abide by with your personal statements.
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