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Write-off in the production requirements register

Service purpose

  • Write-off of the establishments registered in the production requirements register in accordance with Regulation 770 /2005
  • Types of write-off
    • First, the administrative write-off
    • Second, write-off at the request of the establishment

Place of service

MAROUF branch

First, the administrative write-off

A- When will the administrative write-off take place?

  • If 90 days have passed since the expiry date of the production register card without renewing its validity.
  • If the facility is liquidated or its contract is terminated
  • If the legal entity is changed and the legal personality lapses according to this change.
  • If the natural personality terminates due to the death of the person concerned.
  • If the commercial registry is erased due to the expiry of the natural or legal personality.
  • if the place of the fixed activity in the commercial registry is changed from one governorate to another, and according to this change the natural or legal personality has expired
  • If the activity has been written off from the commercial register or the document evidencing the activity.
  • If the activity document has expired without renewing it.
  • If the file at the Tax Authority has been permanently suspended, and this has resulted in the termination of the natural or legal personality.

B- Documents required in special cases for administrative write-off

  • In the event of the death of the person concerned in the individual facilities.
    • Original death certificate
    • Inheritance certificate
    • A copy of the identity document for the heirs
    • Acknowledgment of Wills (for minors from the court (
  • In the event of liquidation of the company, the following has to be submitted.
    • The liquidation contract or the minutes of the general assembly meeting in the liquidation
    • Request for annotation to erase the commercial register or trade register in liquidation.
    • A copy of the identity card of the liquidator and the original for viewing.
    that the liquidator signs the write-off request and the power of attorney instead of the person concerned for the duration of the liquidation period
  • In the event of the company's dissolution, the following shall be submitted:
    • Minutes of the non-general meeting or the termination contract.
    • Request for annotation to erase the commercial register.

Administrative write-off procedures

  • Determining the cases due for administrative write-off and reviewing the file.
  • Preparing and approving a write-off note.
  • Recording the final write-off decision on the system.

Second: Cancellation at the request of the establishment/company

A - Documents required for cancellation at the request of the establishment

  1. The origin of the write-off request form signed by the person concerned or who has the right to manage and sign in front of the competent employee, or the validity of a signature from the bank or signed by his legal representative or authorized representative (if this is expressly stated by mandate or authorization).
  2. A copy of the national ID card or passport of the applicant and the original for viewing.
  3. Bring all copies of valid production requirements register cards issued to the facility
    OR a police report of their loss or the loss of any of them
    If the applicant is an agent or authorized person.
  4. A copy of a notarized power of attorney from the real estate registry and the original for perusal, the purpose of which is to write off the register (up to a second agent is accepted only) or the original authorization form signed by the person concerned, or who has the right to administer and sign before the competent employee, or to certify the validity of the signature by the bank, whose purpose is to write off the register.
  5. Acknowledgment of the validity of the power of attorney signed by the agent (if the applicant for registration is an agent of the facility).

Write-off procedures at the request of the facility/company

  • Book an appointment through Goeic’s website (in case the application is submitted to MAROUF– October)
    Please see the instructions for use when booking the appointment
  • Check the required documents.
  • Determining the value of the prescribed fees through the application receiving window.
  • Pay the fees to Goeic’s treasury with a visa.
  • Financial and technical review.
  • Registration of the initial write-off request.
  • Preparing and approving a write-off note.
  • Recording the final delisting decision.

Important Notes:

  • Obtaining document forms from Goeic’s website only
  • To find out the steps for booking an appointment through Goeic's website, please enter the following link
  • Accepts even a second agent only - the authorization is valid for one time and only one procedure.
  • To inquire about the issuance of the decision to write off, you can call the call center 19591Or visit the customer Service Office at the airport.
  • To obtain a certificate stating that the facility or company has been written off, you can request a data certificate
  • After writing off the production requirements register card, this must be proven in the customs computer at the customs car customs at Cairo International Airport
  • The establishment/company may not be re-registered except after the cancellation decision has been issued and registered on the system.
  • If the write-off is by a ministerial decision to re-register in the production requirements registry for a period of 3 years, because the exporter committed one of the deviations mentioned in Articles 62-63 of Regulation 770/2005 AD, the establishment may not be re-registered until after the violation period has elapsed.
  • Crossing out the entry in the production supplies register leads to a ban on the tax card.
  • In the event that any other activity continues in the tax card (other than production requirements), you can contact the call center 19591 or visit the customer Service Office at the airport.
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