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تقييم الخدمة

Request for a data certificate in the importers record (inquiry)

Service description

  • Obtaining a negative or positive certificate about the position of the establishment or company regarding registration in the importers register
  • At the request of the person concerned or who has the right to manage or sign on behalf of the facility or at the request of government agencies (courts - taxes..etc)

Place of service

Marouf branch.

Service Obtaining Documents

First, the documents required to request a data certificate at the request of the official authorities (government)

  • An original official letter to the government agency’s offices requesting a certificate of data about the facility
  • Noting that the data certificate based on an official letter from a government agency is exempted from fees.

Service Procedure

  • Receive the letter
  • search in the system
  • Review the file, if any
  • Certificate preparation and approval
  • Certificate delivery

Second, the documents required to request a data certificate at the request of the establishment / company

  • The original data certificate request form from the person concerned, or whoever has the right to manage and sign, or his representative.
  • A copy of the national ID card or passport of the applicant and the original for viewing.
  • A copy of the registration card at the importers register, a copy of the tax card, or a copy of the commercial register.
    If the applicant is an agent
  • A copy of a notarized power of attorney from the real estate registry and the original for review (even a second agent is accepted only)
  • Acknowledgment of the validity of the power of attorney signed by the agent.

Service Procedure

  •  Book an appointment through Goeic’s website (in case the application is submitted with a favor - October - the office of the Investors Services Complex in the General Investment Authority only)
    Please see the instructions for use when booking the appointment
  • Fee estimation by financial auditor.
  • Pay the fees to the Authority’s treasury with a visa or a letter from the bank stating that the amount of fees has been deposited into the Authority’s account.
  • Certificate Preparation and Approval - Certificate Receipt.

Important Notes

  • Obtaining document forms from Goeic’s website only
  • To find out the steps for booking an appointment through Goeic's website, please enter the following link
  • A resource development stamp is presented of 2 pounds + a stamp of 1 pound on copy of the authorized.
  • It accepts even a second agent only and does not accept dealing with authorization in the importers registry.
  • If the person concerned or who has the right to manage and sign outside the country and delegate his legal representative to submit an application for obtaining the service at the authority, the power of attorney issued by a foreign authority must be certified by the Egyptian embassy or consulate abroad and deposited in the real estate registry in Egypt.
  • In the event of a request for a data certificate (negative/positive) from all the general administrations of commercial registrations according to a letter from an official governmental authority, the data certificate shall be prepared in coordination between the register of importers, exporters, agents, commercial intermediaries and the General Administration of Production Requirements.
  • In the event of a request for a statement of the size of the facility’s business, a report is requested from the Business Sector Department at the main headquarters at Cairo Airport
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