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Verification of the Certificates of Origin

The tool is provided within GOEIC e-Portal system, which aims to offer Customs Authorities the possibility to verify the authenticity of Certificates of Origin online.

Service description

This service allows official and accessible services to verify the authenticity of certificates of origin issued by the authority through the Web portal of the Authority on the Internet to save time and facilitate the course of actions on the customers, where the service aims to provide an electronic mechanism It is quick to make the query verify the certificate of origin, which contributes to reducing the time it takes to perform the service.

Place of Service

GOEIC portal

Requirements of Service

·         Customer must have an electronic services account on the portal and activated. The customer account must have the authority to use the service, which is done through the management of the portal. Required Documents


Required documents

First: in the case of enquiries through the employer:

·         Submission of the application signed by the owner or legal agent authorized to establish and activate the electronic services account on the portal.

Second: In the case of the inquiry by an official entity:

·         An official letter from the requesting authority to activate the access to the service.

Procedures of Service

1.      Login to the portal and verify the user ID.

2.      Select the "Verify certificates of origin" service from the FDA Services directory list.

3.      Execute the query according to the data provided.

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