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Company embargo inquiry service


·         In case the importer does not take the lot procedures, either by taking the samples or bringing technical data or changing the address of the lot storage without informing the GOEIC or wasting the lot or part of it, the dealing number of the importer shall be prohibited by article No. (86) or (96), regulation 770 of 2005 or both.

·         In case of taking the lot procedures, the tax number ban shall be lifted pursuant to a report issued by the GOEICs branch to which the lot is delivered.


The importer or his representative shall submit a copy of the quality system of the company making the study and expressing the opinion, and in case of validation of the quality system:

·         A letter from the producing company shall be written, containing the products, brand, and production specifications and distribution centers if any.

·         Documents shall be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian Embassy in the manufacturers country.

·         The importer or his representative shall bring the documents to the Department (providing the importers statement and an authorization by the signature validation from the bank to the representative, a copy of the applicant's ID card, a copy of the import card, and payment of an amount of 2500 L.E (Two thousand and five hundred L.E in return for services)).

·         A ministerial draft resolution of the virtual inspection is being prepared and shall be sent to the Minister.

·         In case the ministerial resolution of the virtual inspection is received, the importer shall be informed of the issuance of the ministerial resolution.

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