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How to submit a grievance application:

1.      Notice of disapproval shall be obtained from the importer or his representative from the branch.

2.      The importer shall submit a grievance to the branch to which the lot is delivered, within one week as of the date of his knowledge of the inspection result.

3.      An amount of five L.E is collected in consideration of accepting the grievance request in according to article 117 of the ministerial resolution No. 770 of 2005.

Common reasons for lots disapproval:

1.      Virtual non-conformity of the product specifications data.

2.      Laboratory non-conformity in accordance with tests specified in the product specifications.

3.      The data non-conformity in accordance with the virtual inspection decisions of the registrants into the virtual inspection lists, in which case; the lot is treated as a normal lot on condition of applying the virtual and laboratory conformity.

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