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Replying on importers’ queries

Service description

In order to save time and facilitate the course of procedures for commercial customers, this service allows them to submit an application for replying on importersqueries to GOEIC using the online portal and it aims to provide a mechanism for the process of submitting such application, which will save time spent on the service.

Providers of Service

Central Department of Engineering Imports and Industrial Commodities

Place of Service

GOEIC head office at airport GOEICs headquarters

Requirements of Service

·         The customer must have an active e-services account on the online portal.

·         The procedure must be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application on the portal.

Required documents

It's a query submitted to the central administration in an application. These queries are usually about:

·         Goods subject to the GOEIC inspection

·         Certificates provided with the lot

·         Inspection specifications and its binding decisions

·         How to register in the lists of sufficing with the virtual inspection

Procedures of Service

·         Inquiries shall be submitted to the customer service office at GOEIC headquarters, and the competent administration in the Central Department of Industrial Commodities will respond to them.

Duration of Service

o    The response is immediately

Required Fees

o    N/A

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