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Application for transfer and storage under siezure

Service description

In order to save time and facilitate the course of procedures for commercial customers, this service allows them to submit application for transfer and storage under seizure in accordance with Article No. 86 of Regulation No. 770/2005 to GOEIC using the online portal and it aims to provide a mechanism for the process of submitting such application, which will save time spent on the service.

Providers of Service

Department of Industrial Commodities in branch

Place of Service

Department of industrial commodities in GOEIC branches, at which the lot is received

Requirements of Service

·         The customer shall have an active e-services account on the online portal.

·         The procedure shall be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application through the portal.

Required documents

·         Submitting a copy of property title deed or lease of warehouse which is required to storing GOEIC branch shall crates a record in which these contracts shall be registered, and the persons registered in this record shall be exempted from submitting contracts copies.

·         The importer shall not have violated its commitments in respect of any other lot that has already been transferred and stored under seizure, within 12 months prior the arrival of the lot to be transferred under seizure or had been referred to the judiciary and case is being processed.

·         The transfer and storage shall be carried out under seizure and supervision of the competent regulatory authorities within 48 hours, in accordance with article 85 of resolution 770 of 2005.

·         The required warehouse shall not contain the same types of items required to be stored; and for the industrial goods, the importer shall only undertake that.

·         The importer shall undertake that he is fully responsible for the lot during its transfer and storage until issuing the final results, that the warehouse to which the lot is transferred is sufficient to accommodate the transferred quantity, and he shall not dispose it until making the decision.

·         The warehouse license approved by the competent authorities as of 1/1/2018, in addition to the transportation and storage requirements, Art. 86 of the Regulation.

Procedures of Service

1.       Make the virtual conformity in the first place

2.      Submit the required documents with the application

3.      Approve the application after ensuring that the importer is not included in the ban lists

4.      Transfer the lot to the warehouse address listed at the branch until receiving the laboratory result about the lot; and it shall be under the criminal responsibility of the importer.

Duration of Service

o    The approval is given immediately

Required Fees

o    N/A

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