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Application for inspection of new industrial imports lot

The service of requesting inspection of new industrial imports allows commercial customers to submit an application for such inspection on the online portal of GOEIC and the service procedure is to be completed within one of GOEIC branches.

Service description

In order to save time and facilitate the course of procedures for commercial customers, this service allows them to submit application for inspection of new industrial imports lot to GOEIC using the online portal and it aims to provide a mechanism for the process of submitting such application which will save time spent on the service.

Providers of Service

Department of Industrial Commodities in branch

Place of Service

The Department of Industrial Commodities at various branches of the GOEIC where the lot is received at its port.

Requirements of Service

·         The customer must have an active e-services account on the online portal.

·         The procedure must be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application on the portal.

Required documents

·         A complete inspection application submitted and signed by the importer or his agent.

·         The bill

·         Certificate of Origin

·         Packing list

·         Bill of Lading

·         Attachment No. 11

·         Technical data for some items such as filters, shock absorber, sleeves and alloys

·         A proxy in the absence of the interested party.

·         Fulfillment of Ministerial Decision No. 43/2016 in terms of the categories that are subject to that Decision.

·         Submit ILAC certificate for inspection and review prior to shipment in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 991/2015 for the items contained therein for each lot.

·         Registration of E.MARK certificate for items subject to Resolution No. 540/2014.


·         Copy of the aforementioned documents shall be submitted in addition to the original documents for review.

·         The importer shall be given the final results only if the required documents are full and complete and if such incomplete documents affects the process of visual inspection, the Committee shall not proceed inspection after until the importer provides the full and complete documents, according to the type of missing document.

Procedures of Service

1.       Submission of required documents along with the inspection application

2.      Technical review of documents and fees estimation

3.      Reviewing financial documents such as bill, Attachment No. 11 and estimation of inspection fees

4.      Collecting the fees

5.      Registration in records and writing of registration number on the inspection application

6.      Forming the visual inspection committee on inspection application

7.      Visual Inspection and collection of samples

8.      Coding of samples

9.      Inspection of samples

10.  Issuance of conformity certificates

Duration of Service

o    During the period specified in the tests included in the standard specification or legislation governing this matter for each category separately, in accordance with Article No. 85(c) of Ministerial Resolution No. 770/2005.

Required Fees

o    N/A

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