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Registration, renewal and modification in the production requirements register

Service purpose:

Registration, renewal and modification of production or service activities that import their needs for the purpose of commodity production or provision of services in accordance with Regulation 2005/770

Place of service

Branches: MAROUF - Alexandria - Damietta - Sixth of October

Conditions and documents for registration and re-registration / renewal / modification in the production register.

Among the production or service activities that have been recorded in the production requirements register are the following:

  1. industrial production activity
  2. Packaging activity (for those who have an industrial record)
  3. Packaging and export activity (for exporters who do not have an industrial registry and import packaging materials under the temporary permit system).
  4. The activity of producing civilian products in factories affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production.
  5. animal production activity
  6. plant production activity
  7. Agricultural and industrial production activity for co-operative societies.
  8. Production activity of new and renewable energy plants.
  9. Manufacturing medical products for others activity.
  10. Tourist activity (tourist resorts - hotels - restaurants - cafes).
  11. Co-operative Societies Services Activity of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
  12. Petroleum Services Activity
  13. Press organizations activity
  14. Service centers and maintenance workshops activity.
  15. Educational services activity.
  16. Port services activity.
  17. Drinking water and sewage treatment services activity.

Procedures for registration in the production requirements register

  • Book an appointment through Goeic’s website (in case the application is submitted in Marouf or October)
    Please see the instructions for use when booking the appointment
  • Submission of the required documents.
  • Checking the Documents.
  • Determining the value of the prescribed fees through the application receiving window.
  • Pay the fees to Goeic’s treasury with a visa
  • Financial and technical review
  • Enter production register card data.
  • The person concerned should review the card before wrapping and receiving it.
  • Packaging and delivery.

Validity of registration in production requirements

  • five years
  • In the case of submitting a commercial register or project license, the validity period of any of them is less than 5 years, the expiry date of the production requirements card is the earlier of the two dates.

General Notes:

  1. Obtaining document forms from Goeic’s website only
  2. To find out the steps for booking an appointment through Goeic's website, please enter the following link
  3. A resource development stamp is presented of 2 pounds + a stamp of 1 pound on copy of the authorized.
  4. It accepts even a second power of attorney only or a one-time authorization to perform one procedure only.
  5. If the person concerned or who has the right to manage and sign outside the country and delegate his legal representative to submit an application for obtaining the service at Goeic, the power of attorney issued by a foreign authority must be certified by the Egyptian embassy or consulate abroad and deposited in the real estate registry in Egypt.
  6. The trade name, commercial feature, activity title, entity type, the period of validity of the activity, quantities and items in the submitted documents.
  7. The main and subsidiary commercial register data must be matched
  8. The items and quantities allowed to be imported shall be specified on the production requirements card in accordance with the operating license and the clear approval letter to extract or renew the production requirements register or the industrial register. When the number of products exceeds 5 , they have to be issued in a data certificate or an independent product certificate other than the production requirements register card.
  9. The title of the activity in the production requirements register card is the title recorded in the operating license and industrial register or the clear approval letter to extract or renew the production requirements register and not the title of the main center in the commercial register
  10. In the event that the original national number of one of those whose names appear in the commercial register who has the right to manage and sign is not brought, the agent or authorized representative can complete the national number declaration form.
  11. In the event that the original of one of the documents whose origin is required to be viewed, the rest of the documents shall be received and an undertaking shall be made to bring the originals of the documents for review before receiving the card.
  12. If it is required to add or correct one of the data in the submitted documents, an undertaking is required to bring those documents after receiving a temporary card (for a period of 3 months).
  13. Renewal : The renewal request is submitted within the ninety days preceding the card expiry date and during the 90 days following the expiry of the registration, after which it is administratively written off.
  14. Modification : Goeic must be notified of any modification within 60 days from the occurrence of the modification
  15. The production requirements register card can be issued for production and service projects subject to Law 72/2017 AD
    Noting that these projects can import their needs after obtaining the approval of the Investment Authority on each invoice ( consignment by consignment) without being registered in the production requirements register with Goeic.
  16. After obtaining the production requirements card, and to start importing, the customs dealer's card must be extracted. After its renewal or modification, it must be activated from the customs computer,car customs at Cairo International Airport
  17. The card data shall appear at the customs, including the quantities and items allowed to be imported according to the operating license - the card's powers and any modifications made to it.
  18. Follow-up committees were formed from Goeic, customs and industrial development to track the consignments in the importer’s warehouses and not to dispose of them for anything other than the purpose for which they were imported.
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