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Administrative write-off and foreign office insurance recovery

Service purpose

Insurance recovery in cases of administrative write-off according to Law 120 / 1982

When is the administrative write-off?

  • If 90 days have passed since the expiry of the foreign office card without renewing its validity
  • If 90 days have passed since the expiry of the Egyptian agent's card on which the foreign office is based without renewing its validity
  • If the agency contract on which the foreign office is based for any reason ceases to exist or expires and is not renewed or a new agency contract is not submitted on the legal date
  • If the foreign office practiced agency or commercial mediation activities in violation of the provisions of Law 120 /1982 and a decision or judgment was issued to write off accordingly.

Place of service


Procedures which taken in the event of administrative write-off

  1. Counting the cases due for administrative write-off and reviewing the file
  2. Preparing and approving a write-off note
  3. Issuance of the final cancellation decision and its registration
  4. The insurance recovery procedures shall not proceed until after the final cancellation decision is issued

Documents required for insurance refund

  • An original insurance refund request form signed by the manager in charge before the competent employee or with a signature from the bank or a special power of attorney for insurance recovery
  • A copy of the national ID card or passport of the applicant and the original for review
  • Bring all copies of valid foreign office cards issued to the foreign office (S15) or a police report of their loss or the loss of any of them.
  • A letter from the bank with the account number to which the insurance will be transferred, provided that the account is
    • In the name of the same foreign office in whose name the insurance is issued in the file
    • With a bank approved by the electronic payment system of the Ministry of Finance
  • If the applicant is an agent of the responsible manager
    • A copy of a notarized power of attorney from the real estate registry and the original for review (only a second agent is accepted)
    • Acknowledgment of the validity of the power of attorney signed by the agent (if the applicant is an agent of the foreign office)

Procedures which taken to recover insurance

  1. Book an appointment through the GOEIC’s website at the following link
      Please see the instructions for use when booking the appointment
  2. Submit the required documents
  3. File review
  4. Registering an insurance refund request
  5. Send the request to retrieve the insurance and the attachments to the financial affairs
  6. Financial audit
  7. Completing the financial cycle to recover the insurance
  8. Transferring money to the customer's account

Important Notes:

  1. Obtaining application forms and declarations from the GOEIC’s website only
  2. To find out the steps for booking an appointment through the GOEIC’s website, please enter the following link
  3. If the responsible manager is outside the country and delegates his legal representative to submit an application for obtaining the service at the authority, the authorized issued by a foreign authority must be certified by the Egyptian embassy or consulate abroad and deposited in the real estate registry in Egypt
  4. To inquire about the issuance of the decision to write off, you can call the call center 19591 or visit the customer Service Office at the airport
  5. To obtain a certificate stating that the foreign office has been written off, you can request a data certificate and pay the necessary fees for that
  6. The foreign office may not be re-registered except after the cancellation decision has been issued and registered on the system
  7. In the event that the agent’s registration in the agents’ register has expired, the foreign office shall not be written off until after the expiry of the agent renewal period (90 days).
  8. It is not permissible to re-register a foreign office that has been written off to practice agency business in violation of the provisions of the law except after the lapse of a period of no less than five years.
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