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Application for New Registration or Re-registration of Foreign Companies Offices (foreign offices)

Service description

In order to save time and facilitate the course of procedures to commercial customers, this service allows them to submit an Application for New Registration or Re-registration of Foreign Companies offices to GOEIC using the online portal and it aims at providing a mechanism for the process of an Application for New Registration or Re-registration of Foreign Companies offices which will save time spent on the service

Providers of Service

General Department for Commercial Agents and Intermediaries register

Place of Service

Head office of GOEIC

Requirements of Service

·         The customer must have an active e-services account on the online portal

·         The procedure must be completed within 15 days of the date submitting the application on the portal.

Required Documents

Instructions for registering new foreign companies offices

·         Completion of registration application signed by the office director or his entitled representative, according to a general power of attorney or a signed warrant, before the competent employee

·          Official letter issued by the company willing to open the office which is documented by the competent Chamber of Commerce and approved by Embassy Of Egypt or the Egyptian Consulate abroad with an explanation of the following:

o    Nature of activity to be practiced by the office (scientific / technical / consulting / communication / representation)
, geographical scope and an acknowledgment by the company that any business activity practiced by the office is prohibited.

o    The company shall have an Egyptian agent, and registration of office shall remain valid provided that there is a registered Egyptian agent for
the company

o    The name and the nationality of the office director as well as names and nationalities of foreign employees who will be working in the office, and the company shall notify GOEIC with a documented letter if the director or any foreign employees in the office are to be changed 

·         A certified translation of the letter abovementioned according to the applicable rules of translation

·         A valid copy of the Form No. (14S Agents) for the Egyptian agent

·          Information certification as a proof for the registration of the companys Egyptian agent (to be requested from the competent authority at GOEIC)

·          A copy of the passport of the foreign director and the foreign employees as well as their valid work permits. For the Egyptian director; he shall submit a document of identity verification and provide the competent authority in the Ministry of Interior with a letter registered by acknowledgement of receipt 

·          Signing the form of acknowledgment concerning the registration of the foreign offices before the competent employee or a signature validation from the bank by the director in charge

·          Signing the form of acknowledgement of the Egyptian agent representing the foreign company office before the competent employee or by signature validation from the bank,


·          The registration period shall be 5 years and shall end by the expiration date of the registration, the agency contract or by the cancellation of the agent. The registration shall be renewed every five years and registration application shall be submitted within the ninety days preceding the expiration date of registration in order to avoid paying the fees doubled; within the ninety days following the expiration date of registration, so that the registration shall not be exposed to administrative cancellation.

·         The registration of the foreign office shall be cancelled in cases of termination and non-renewal of the agency agreement, the cancellation of the agency for any reason or if the agency practices any commercial business in violation of the law, and in such case, the re-registration of such services office will not be allowed until the expiration of minimum period of five years.

Procedures of Service

1.      Form of Foreign Offices Register (Form No. "15S Foreign Offices")

2.       Submission of documents in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 120 of 1982.

3.       Checking of documents.

4.       Financial audit and collection of fees

5.       Technical review of documents

6.       Giving a temporary number, then registering in the books under a permanent number

7.       Reviewing cards

8.       Electronic registration of cards

9.       Copying cards

10.   Archiving files

Duration of Service

o    Four (4) hours as of date of payment in treasury

Required Fees

o    Not specified

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