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Registering certificates of conformity (inspection and revision companies)

Service description

The Certificate of Conformity Registration service provides the mechanism for the inclusion and submission of certificates of conformity to the pre-shipment audit and inspection companies electronically through the online portal of the Authority in order to review and verify the certificates of conformity.

Place of Service

GOEIC portal

Requirements of Service

·         The inspection company must have an account for electronic services on the portal and activated.

·         The inspection company account must have the authority to use the service, which is done through the management of the electronic portal.

Required  documents

Official letter from the applicant/company for the establishment and activation of the electronic services account and access to the service.

Procedures of Service

1.      Login to the portal and verify the user ID.

2.      Select the "Verify certificates of origin" service from GOEIC Services list.

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