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Service of registering inspection application data

Service of registering inspection application data

Service description

This service allows the commercial customers to submitthe application for inspection of new industrial and food imports lots

Place of Service

The Department of Industrial and Food Commodities at the various branches of the Organization, at which the lot is received.

Requirements of Service

·         The application of the standard inspection that exists in the branches shall be fulfilled by the importer, his agent, or his authorized representative.

·         Copy of the customs certificate of the first paper (including the procedures certificate number, policy number, the importer name, and the acknowledgment providers name), the second paper (including the minutes of verification, list, invoice pages number, origin, item name, and accredit documents submitted to customs), and the third paper (including submission authorities approved by reviewer).

·         A copy of the activated bill

·         Packing list approved by the custom house

·         A Bill of Lading copy

·         A Certificate of origin copy

·         A copy of the authorization paper, the power of attorney, or the identity verification of the importer himself.

·         A copy of the register - a copy of clearance practice certificate.

·         Appendix (4) form of payment of the value of the lot in hard currency for more than (2000) dollars.

·         The importer or his representatives signature on the acknowledgment of specification to be examined.

Required documents

·         Bill of Lading

·         Detailed Bill

·         Certificate of customs procedure

·         Maritime Delivery Order

·         Power of attorney or warrant with the bank signature in the case of the interested party non-availability. All required documents attached to the lot according to the type of commodities, standard specification, and the attachment No. 3 of the prime ministers decision No. 1186 of 2003


Procedures of Service

·         The Egyptian standard specification, upon which the inspection is done, shall be identified in accordance with the relevant mandatory ministerial decisions and in case of absence of a mandatory standard specification. The importer shall identify the approved standard specification which he wants to examine upon it whether it is Egyptian or international.

·         The documents shall be reviewed and verified. Then, the inspection application shall be inserted to the computer; the inspection application shall be issued electronically, indicating the imported items; and minutes of verification, by which the inspection committee is commissioned, shall be issued.

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