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Service description

This service enables government agencies around the world to obtain a response to their inquiries regarding the validity of certificates of origin and the extent to which the rules of origin of Egyptian exports comply with the rules of origin protocols in the agreements signed with these countries.

Place of Service

Headquarters of GOEIC

Requirements of Service

·         A letter containing an application of examination attached with copy of the certificate of origin issued by the GOEIC from the requesting parties to the countries with which it has entered into preferential agreements.

Required documents

·         Queries letters coming from various countries of the world

·         Documents of certificates of origin held by the Department of Origin at GOEIC branches.

·         The exporter shall provide the GOEIC with the required documents to complete the verification procedures in accordance with the request of verification.

Procedures of Service

1.      Examine the letters coming from these countries

2.      Reviewing the documents of issuing certificates of origin held by the GOEIC and its branches.

3.      Addressing the exporter to provide us with documents to complete the procedures according to the type of exported items.

Duration of Service

Service duration depends on the type of verification

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