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Category: Republican Resolutions
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7Law no 7/2017 to amend the provisions of Law no 121/ 1982 concerning the importers recordRepublican Resolutions2017
106Republican decree no. 106/2000 concerning facilitating the inspection and control procedures on the imported and exported goodsRepublican Resolutions2000
89Law of organizing tenders and auctions which issued by Law 89/ 1998 and its executive list issued by Minister of Finance decree no 1367/1998Republican Resolutions1998
120Law no. 120/1982 concerning organizing the business of the commercial agency and some brokerage work.Republican Resolutions1982
120Law no. 120/ 1982 concerning registration in the commercial agents and brokers recordsRepublican Resolutions1982
121Law no. 121 / 1982 concerning the importersRepublican Resolutions1982
118Law no 118 /1975 concerning export & importRepublican Resolutions1975
1770Republican decree no. 1770/1971 concerning the establishment of GOEICRepublican Resolutions1971