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Training Course: the program of granting a certificate of export practice




training program:

Export certification practice


Business programs



Target Group:

Working in the field of export practice

objective of the program:

The development of skills of workers in this area

Place of training:

The main headquarters of the Damietta Port Said.

training period:

25-hour training course is divided into five hours daily  for five consecutive days

The date of the program:

The programs in accordance with the scheme throughout the year



October 2018

November 2018

December 2018


The main training center Airport Branch

From 28 October to 1 November

From 25 to

29 November 2004

From 16 to 20



Damietta Branch Training Center


From 25 to

29 November 2004

According to the completion of the



The Training Center Port Said Branch



from23 to 27


According to the completion of the


Admission requirements:

The trainee will not be government employees (except that the trainee is present on the governmental company or sector).

But at least 21 years of age of the trainee.

The trainee and the Import Company official insured of the company and has the credentials of the presence of the program with the authenticity of the signature of the World Bank)

Required Documents:

The request for the enrolment of the program engage in exporting and updating of data contained therein, can be obtained from the training center at headquarters in Cairo Airport airspace or other training centers in the branches of the Alexandria (parasites) - Port Said and Damietta).

The image of the card and the trainee.

The image of the card export interest in the event of the renewal of the card or the image of the commercial register in the case of export card for the first time.

The origin of social insurance "model 1" (in the case of the presence of one of the company's employees program).

( In the case of non-delivery of all required documents before the end of the trainee program will not be able to obtain the certificate until it meets the required papers, the papers can be sent by fax or electronic mail "except for insurance model recognizes its origin."

Subscription Fees:

Request to enroll in the program of practicing the export and fulfill the data contained therein, (can be obtained from the training center of the Authority at the headquarters of the Cairo International Airport or other training centers in the branches of the Authority Alexandria (Al-Dekheila)-Port Said-Damietta).Be paid 150 Egyptian pounds for a cylinder article special scientific training program.

150 Egyptian pounds to be paid fees to extract Certified Practicing export after attending the program

( In the case of non-success or failure to attend the trainee percentage mentioned earlier  (80%) of the program will be on the trainee to pay a fine of 600 Egyptian pounds and attend the program again in full ).

( In the case of a desire to change the date of the program, you must inform the concerned employee before the date of the start of the program, not less than one week and not the trainee will have to pay a fine of 600 Egyptian pounds to select another date

( In the case of the desire of the trainee in the refund and have not yet been notified before the beginning of the course of the week, the recovery of 50% of the value of the Choirmaster " half the amount only").

On wants to change his name or modify the company name certificate pay $40 Egyptian pounds " with the clarification of the reason for the change of name and attach a picture of the card export or amended record the origin and the image of the old certificate and giving them to the employee in charge of the Center

Attending the program controls:


The trainee must make sure that the signing of daily in the payroll records of attendance and leave and deadlines to come and go.

The trainee must make sure of his name and the name of the company and signed by their side because these data will be written testimony as it is.

At the end of the program hold a trainee assessment test, and in the event of passing the trainee for test and completion of specific attendance gets the certificate.

Not allowed to attend the same trainee companies in one program.

The trainee is required to pass the presence of at least 80% of the training hours.


The development of skills of workers in this area


contents of the program:

Day 1: Rules for export:

Export definition and stages of development .

The Exporters Register .

Conditions to be fulfilled in the source .

The registration procedures in the Exporters Register and renovated .

The penalties for offenses affecting the registration in the register of exporters .

The imposition of taxes and customs duties on exports

The cases of the approval of the export.

Second Day: international trade:

The WTO agreements. 

Bilateral agreements and multilateral organization.

Day 3: customs legislation:

The customs law and its Executive Regulations as amended. 

The customs tariff and Customs Customization.

Outbound customs procedures. 

Import procedures outbound

A fee of

 Fourth day:

Payment mechanisms and commercial terms. 

Different means of transport (shipping).

Services provided to exporters of information technology. 

The international marketing strategy.

 Day 5:

The Department of logistics and supply chains.

Export obstacles.

Check the quality of crops under control by the body

The specifications for the packing stations.

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