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Execute your transaction electronically at any time and wherever you are !!

The Authority launched a wide range of electronic services to enable commercial customers to register and follow up their applications through the portal.

The General organization for import and export is calling the herds of importers to register according to the list of visual inspection.

The General organization for export and import control welcomes the importers who would like to register the producing companies for industrial –non agricultural- products in the list of GOEIC visual inspection according to the article numbered 94 of import legislation numbered 770/2005.

Remember that: It's necessary for the importers to receive the inspected remaining of samples after knowing the final results

GOEIC announces that it's necessary for the importers to go to GOEIC branches to receive the inspected remaining of samples immediately after knowing the final results, otherwise it will be disposed according to Article no.(99) of the "Imports Regulations" 770/2005 which state that:

Registering contracts of real estate brokerage in the register of commercial brokers at the General Organization for Export and Import Control.

According to the ministerial decree numbered 827 /2019 concerning amending the executive legislation issued according to the minister of economy and foreign trade decree numbered 342 /1982 of organizing works of commercial deputization and some works of commercial brokerage numbered 120/1982.

Attention please

As GOEIC is keen to provide best services to customers, and use the latest technology to keep pace with future development to present "On Line" services. GOEIC will develop and modernize the whole infrastructure of the data network. Note that it will stop working on GOEIC website from 22nd to 29th, January 2020

The Minister of Trade and Industry is opening the most recent "Pesticide residues and Toxins" laboratory at GOEIC

On her first visit to the bodies affiliated to Ministry of Trade & Industry, The Minister opened the most recent "Pesticide residues and Toxins" laboratory at GOEIC "The General Organization of Export and Import Control" – Cairo Airport

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The Authority has a wide network of offices covering the Arab Republic of Egypt. Please specify the branch!

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Inspection of (13.886) shipments at GOEIC Labs during January 2020

M.G. Ismael Gaber - Chairman of GOEIC announced that GOEIC Labs inspected number of (13.886) laboratory shipments during February 2020 with total weight (2.493.276) tons. (13.695) shipments of them were accepted with total weight (2.489.606) tons, while (191) shipments were rejected with total weight (3.670) tons for not conforming the Egyptian standard specifications.

Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020


(420) Million Dollars, the value of the most important (20) food items of Egyptian's non-petroleum exports – during February 2020

GOEIC announced in its monthly report of the most important (20) food items of Egyptian's non-petroleum exports during February 2020 that fresh and dry Citrus begin the list of these items, then came fresh and cooled potato, frozen vegetables , cheese, chocolate and fresh fruits.

Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020